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For the last day of the year, the home sales stats are wonderfully positive - again - for Tucson Arizona Real Estate!   83 people closed and moved into their new homes in the last 24 hours and 73 people are almost ready to close! So here it is for December 31, 2009, the 24-Hour Tucson Arizona Rea...
I heard that on the news this morning as reports were all a buzz around Tucson's New Years Eve events.  This particular reporter was discussing how to drink without experiencing the costly effects the next day.  He suggested that the darker the alcohol you consume - the worse the hangover will.  ...
When someone calls and says, "I'm a real estate investor ..." it doesn't take me long to figure out if they really are or not.  Basically, to me: A weekend warrior is someone who focuses on the carpet, the kitchen cabinets and wonders how old the roof is.  The true investor only cares about two t...
The home sales stats are wonderfully positive for Tucson Arizona Real Estate!  61 people closed and moved into their new homes in the last 24 hours!  The number of new listings almost equals the number of homes that went under contract and the number of price drops was well below the number of ne...
Last night I watched Monday Night Football - game was in Chicago - it was damp and 15 degrees outside.  Both quarterbacks were having a hard time keeping hold of the ball - fumbling - incomplete passes - it wasn't pretty.  Then I hear the commentary say, "It's cold out there, the ball is like a r...
The day after Christmas every year we have our daughter sit down and hand write thank you notes to everyone who gave her a gift.  While writing, she looked up and asked,  "Could I send one of those email cards to my friend instead of writing it?" Ahhh...E-cards!  What a wonderful idea!  Right?  H...
Important and a very positive post - especially this time of year when being with family can sometimes stir emotions!  Thanks Gary!In real estate contracts did you know Realtors are not allowed to practice law without being an attorney? Well it is true. Real estate agents are kind of fill in the ...
Back in the day - which wasn't too long ago - real estate agents (at least in Tucson!) needed to keep many items handy to prepare Buyers to enter a bank owned home: gloves, face masks, hand wipes, shoe covers,  etc. Lately, I've noticed a whole new "picture" of a bank owned home:  clean, no tras...
Happy Holidays to you all and wishing you a happy day with your families!  From my family here in sunny (and snowy) Tucson Arizona (on Mt. Lemmon!) - Gabrielle
Overnight, snow fell in Tucson Arizona with temps below 30 degrees in many areas!  When it snows - we go - sledding that is!  These are photos taken from my backyard of Mt. Lemmon and as we head up for a day of fun - I checked the latest on cabin home prices for the area. Here is a sample of what...

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