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Two great homes.  Buyers loved both! Very similar features:  location, price, square footage - less than 1 mile apart from each other. The wife liked one house just a little better than the other; the husband liked the other - just a little better too. Now what? Waiting while they debated, discus...
Metro pleasures, easy-going lifestyle and spectacular scenery bring many visitors to Tucson.  If you are looking for sunshine, blue skies and good food - then put Tucson on your vacation list! Temps right now average 70 degrees during the day and in the low 40s in the evening which makes it a gre...
The Arizona AIMS test for kids grades 3rd through high school starts next week across the state.  For children in grades 1st and 2nd - the Terra Nova tests will be administered. It's important to take some time this coming weekend to help your children prepare for the tests - both mentally and ph...
March 27, 2009 - In the last 24 hours this graph shows what has happened with Tucson home listings and sales!   Here is the summary: New Listings - 106 Price Drops - 103 Back On Market - 11 Inactive/Seller Release - 32 Under Contract - 94 SOLD IN 24 HOURS - 71 Gabrielle (Kamahele) Rhind - 2009. I...
Great offer!  Your Buyers think you are the "real deal agent" because it was accepted!  Yay!  Here comes the home inspection and the Buyers are ready for you to negoiate even more.  They must think you walk on water! But hold on a minute ... before biting the hand feeding the momentum - take anot...
Cash Talks.  Doesn't It? I have been hearing that from Buyers with cash making offers on homes.  But over the past couple months, I've noticed - if CASH TALKS - it needs to speak up a little more.  Wrote an offer last week - it was low, but reasonable.  Bottom line:    CASH. Quick Close. We were ...
I'll go out on a limb and say most of us have probably told white lies at some time or another in our lives.  The argument in favor of stretching the truth is to spare someones feelings or to reduce the embarrassment on ourselves.  Here are some favorite lines I've heard and why I think people sa...
What are your top transaction, work or client disasters?  And how did it end? Thinking back on a few, I would have never guessed I could have mustered up the effort and energy to put a smile on my face when it was all over with.  But I found, digging deep at the end and working toward a happy end...
Many blogs have written about topics such as: Is it the right time to buy? Ways to get buyers to buy now. Interest rates are low - buy now! These blogs are filled with great information to help Buyers. But, there are still lots of people simply doing nothing or waiting until they "hear" things ha...
March 20, 2009 - In the last 24 hours this graph shows what has happened with Tucson home listings and sales!   Here is the summary: New Listings - 131 Price Drops - 154 Back On Market - 15 Inactive/Seller Release - 26 Under Contract - 109 SOLD IN 24 HOURS - 51 Gabrielle (Kamahele) Rhind - 2009....

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