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The best place to get to know local celebrities like the Chief of Police, Superintendent of Schools, city council members, the Head of the local Chamber of Commerce or Board of Trade, is one of the Rotary Clubs in town. Out of all the different service clubs, Rotary is usually the one they join.I...
Online research shows that 100 million people watch online video every single day. That number is only predicted to increase as more online users consume video at a greater rate and as more brands begin producing video content.For real estate, video has enormous potential to not only help sell ho...
Once upon a time, the World Wide Web was a much smaller place, and all a real estate professional needed to get a leg up on the competition was a website. This is no longer the case. With social media like Facebook, Google + and Instagram all over the place and blogs still a strong presence onlin...
Your job as a real estate agent is to buy and sell property—that’s just a truism. However, it requires internet marketing savvy to accomplish, and it can be frustrating when you have to spend tons of time and effort away from selling in an effort to do better marketing. The answer to this can, in...
These days, having a presence online isn’t just a good idea for a real estate agent, it’s essential. Today’s real estate clients are savvy and consume information almost as fast as it can be produced. They demand convenience and efficiency, which means that learning the best ways to market your b...

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