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 Meth labs are a growing problem in communities large and small across the country. Meth labs are where methamphetamine, an illegal drug, is made, or “cooked.” Meth is relatively cheap to make and easy to produce, and criminals can set up labs in temporary locations to make some quick money. The ...
A lot of time is required to produce a tenant screening report. It could take anything from a few seconds to a whole day, though this depends mainly on the amount of information requested from the tenant, as well as the choice of tenant screening company chosen and hired for this task.  You Cann...
Every time people think about a tenant screening report, their minds quickly jump to the fact that one is carrying out an exercise meant to identify and expose all negative material about a tenant. What people forget is that this exercise is solely designed to help identify tenants whose profile...
If you want to get the best tenant, this process has to start from tenant screening.  Start by asking the right questions first. Examples of the right questions to ask include: What is contained on their background check? How do I choose which tenant screening company to hire? Tenant Background ...

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