Today June 21st 2020 is the longest day of the year with sunlight, Father's Day and if your in Alaska the "Land of the Midnight Sun"Here is a great photo overlooking the mountains in Alaska from 20,000 feet, at the top of the blog.And below are 2 photos of my Father's Day present from my wife, bl...
Here is a great shot of a small airplane flying over the mountains in Alaska.I have been thinking after I retire in the next 3 - 4 years I might get a pilots license and buy a small airplane like this. My wife flew in a small plane like this from Anchorage to Homer several months ago. The person ...
Here is a nice photo I took at LANDS END located at Homer Spit Alaska.This small section of beach is the end of the road headed south on the Serling Highway south of Anchorage Alaska. The only way to travel south of this area is by boat or airplane. 
Is People Magazine in Violation of Discrimination? When I was in the grocery store today I saw the new cover of People Magazine dated June 15th 2020.What I found shocking were the words,  The death of yet another black man ... Now I work with persons of color or what some call African American an...
Here is one neighborhood moose that comes around in the evenings and eats vegetation on our property in Alaska. 2 years ago this moose was just a little one and has grown up so fast.One of the main reasons the moose eat around our property all the time is because we love them, talk to them and ne...
Beautiful Susitna River running south of Hatcher Pass Alaska by Robert Swetz June 7th 2020
 Here is a great photo I took in Palmer Alaska last evening May 31st at 10:00pm.Some people that have never been to Alaska might think, is this really Alaska? Many of them say I thought Alaska was all snow and cold? And I always have to explain to them that Alaska has all 4 seasons, Spring, Summe...
Friday May 29th 2020 at 3:00pm I took this photograph from the building I am working on in San Jose California.There were about 300 protesters marching for the death of George Floyd from a police officer in Minneapolis Minnesota.The police officer from Mlps was fired and taken into custody and be...
   Memorial Day (previously, but now seldom, called Decoration Day is a federal holiday in the United States for honoring and mourning the military personnel who have died while serving in the United States Armed Forces. The holiday is now observed on the last Monday of May, having been observed ...
One week from now I will be in the beautiful state of ALASKA. I am getting very excited so I decided to sport one of my favorite shirts as I prepare. I will be taking a fresh batch of new photographs of the Las Frontier so stay tuned ...

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