There is no place like Alaska ...My first visit Alaska was in 2001 followed by 2015, 2016, 2017 and now 2018. After my first visit in 2001 I talked about my experience for months, I was taken away by it's beauty.When I was given another chance to visit in 2015 I couldn't pass up the opportunity.I...
On our drive back from Homer to Anchorage my wife and I were casing a beautiful rainbow. Low and behold we casing the rainbow right into Tern Lake at the "Y" split from Seward, Anchorage & Homer connection.And as we drove down to pull over by the lake there were 2 rainbows. My wife said it was ou...
Very unusual sunset looking west of Anchor Point Alaska off Hwy 1.Almost looks like a UFO is sending a beam of light towards the old tree stump ;o)Have a wonderful day and please stay tuned for more photos of my latest trip to Alaska ...
SLENDER MAN appears for Robert Vegas Bob Swetz and his wife in Anchor Point Alaska last evening.My wife and I drove to a great lookout in Anchor Point to watch the sunset. While we were watching the sunset low and behold the SLENDER MAN appeared and frightened us. My wife Lin asked who is the Sle...
  Robert Vegas Bob Swetz just arrived in Anchorage Alaska last evening and will be spending 2 weeks driving around taking photos and staying in his summer home in Homer.Please stay tuned and patient because Vegas Bob does not have a laptop so his posting is made from his iPhone ;o)
Old Vegas Bob is going on 2 weeks with NO computer ;o(I set up an appointment at the Genese Bar in Los Gatos (Bay Area) to see if they can fix my Apple laptop.The soonest I could get in is Sept 9th at 2:30 pm.Wish me luck and if anyone from AR is around Los Gatos this Sunday please stop by and we...
Robert Vegas Bob Swetz is very disappointed with computor technology with yet another laptop going down ;o(In the last 3-4 years I have purchased 2 Microsoft computers which lasted about 6+ months and then they fail with different problems. By the time I bring them in, get them fixed and pay the ...
 I have several books by Eckhart Tolle and what I like about his writing is he believes the past doesn't exist and the future hasn't come yet so the focus is on the present moment ... NOWHere are some words of advice about negativity from Eckhart Tolle that makes sense to me and maybe you ...And ...
 The interesting thing about clouds is they are everywhere all over the world. Some are fluffy white, some are dark and scary, many come in different colors depending on a sunset or sunrise and some clouds actually can form into different figures.So any way a person sees clouds they are very inte...

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