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520-909-2988 I love my job! It’s truly a joy helping people like you with buying and selling real estate. I firmly believe in the golden rule, treating people the way I myself would like to be treated in return. Your needs are important to me as I work to help -- and support -- and listen -- to you.



  Service with a Smile - Fletcher's Tire and Auto  One of my most favorite things to do with my new blogging hobby is to tattle on someone doing something wonderful! Today I put another 100 miles on my car, racking up the miles on my new tires of a week ago.  About 2 miles from home, I suddenly h...
What You Can Do To Help As real estate agents, we're in the housing business. We provide service to those looking to buy or sell their homes. Opposite this scenario sits the bleak circumstances of the Homeless. As we help our clients work through short sales, foreclosure, bankruptcy - the scenari...
  The average Tucsonan resident living in a subdivision encounters Home Owner Associations.  How much power they have depends on their Rules and Regs, and CC & Rs - the governing documents that each community provides during escrow to homebuyers. Some of these communities are self-governed, and s...
Home Sweet Home - A Thing of the Past??   I just finished re-reading a blog and the comments following it that J. Phillip Faranda posted a few days back.  I was thinking about  the "Herd" Mentality, and about key phrases I will often say as a REALTOR when helping folks to decide if a home is righ...
Buyer's Advisory - Why It's a MUST READ Monday morning I had the pleasure to read a blog post by Wanda Kubat-Nerdin entitled, "So tell me...is it safe to live here".  Not only was the post well written, but the trail of comments invaluable. Buyers - when you are contemplating a home purchase, the...
I really, really, think this is a great, great name for a street! And it's in my community!! Looking for a wonderufl home in a beautiful neighborhood?  Do you have questions about Gladden Farms, Marana -- minutes from Tucson, AZ?  I call it my home, and I'd be happy to help you find your great, ...
  J. Phillip says this most eloquently in this post regarding NY real estate.  My last buyers here in Tucson were pre-approved with a 4.5% fixed 30 year FHA loan.  If you have good credit, a down payment in savings, and have always wanted a home, or perhaps an investment project - Now is the time...
KEY Issues in the Buying Process I have a buyer that is visiting Tucson for one month.  She is interested in a cash sale, and if she finds the right property, will leave the area with her latest upscale renovation project signed on the dotted line. We went out our first afternoon of looking and v...
Please wipe your feet before walking on my ceiling... I was doing the final walk-through with my buyers this week when their laughter brought me into the master bedroom as they stood looking at the ceiling. "Look, Cara" they said, wide grins on their faces.  "There's a shoe print on the ceiling!"...
Things to do in Tucson - SAVE OUR PARKS!!   Thursday night, July 22, 2010, a Postcards from the Parks screening is taking place.  Time:  7 p.m. Place:  Grand Cinemas Crossroads Theater, 4800 E Grant Road Cost:  Free Please Re-Open our AZ State Parks!!! The documentary, "Postcards from the Parks"a...

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Author Bio: I have been a Realtor since 2005, and love finding homes for new people moving to the area. There is nothing like matching folks up with their hopes and dreams. If you are looking for a new home in the Tucson area, Marana, Oro Valley and Vail area, or wanting to sell your home, I'd love to help.