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In the Phoenix area Real Estate is booming, Bank owned homes are selling like crazy and there seems to be a never ending supply of properties badly in need of a professional home inspection. Many of the homes in this area have pools and the banks do not maintain the pools so they get pretty nasty...
I was doing an Home inspection in Mesa Arizona and taking a photo of the patches someone had made to the eave when this little guy showed up as soon as I pointed the camera, I got a second shot then he kind of noded and left. I sure am glad it wasn't a rattlesnake.
I cringe each time someone called to book a home Inspection and they say those words. They often have not even see the inside of the home. Let me tell you a little secret, some people trash their homes when evicted. I recently inspected one home that still had the power on but every wire had been...
Don't be fooled by newspaper or web ads that claim you can make $1000 a day by simply paying someone X amount of dollars to get the training you need, or believe paying an owner of a Web based Home Inspection $289.00 dollars to become a Certified Home Inspector will be your key to success. I star...
Lately I have been nearby when some really stupid comments have been made and it gave me an idea. Whet if we all shared some of the stupid things we have heard on here. It can be about anything related to real estate. For example: A local home inspector said that an air conditioner produces winds...
Mike Holmes has a successuful show where he goes in and inspects peoples homes that tears everything apart and rebuilds parts of the home.   He now has a home inspection business, (Imagine hime on your listing)   Well someone decided to make a spoof of his show. Check it out.
In the Phoenix area Real Estate is booming, We are selling bank owned homes like crazy and it seem there seems to be a never ending supply. Many of the home in this area have pools and the banks do not maintain the pools so they get pretty nasty. One of the banks decided they would make the pools...
I took this photo at my morning inspection. Im in the garage and you can see the washer and dryer connections on the back wall. Look above where the dryer vent connects and you will see where it comes back out inside the garage directly over your head while using the dryer.   Here is a close up o...
You see it all the time, Name any symptom and someone will tell you how to fix it. I see it in our healthcare system and I am sure you do to. Take this drug to address this symptom. Then the add is followed by a list ofside effects. I was wondering , Are you helping people treat a symptom or corr...
I am a home inspector in the phoenix area and I inspect swimming pools as part of a professional home inspection. Many times I spend more time educating the clients about how to maintain a pool than it takes to inspect the pool. Lately there have been a lot of bank owned pools that have been let ...

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