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I performed a Phoenix Home Inspection on the money pit. I don’t make that comment lightly. I’ve been performing Home Inspections in Arizona for over 12 years and this is quite possible the worst home I have seen. This home was in a rural area not far from Scottsdale and had a detached workshop, 4...
Home Inspections in Scottsdale reveal strange things. As a home inspector that serves Scottsdale, I find many strange things, that invite questions. For example why bother painting the home if you are going to cover it with plants anyway? People do strange things like install speakers on the wall...
  Scoping the sewer line is not part of a standard Home Inspection   I frequently suggest to my home inspection customers that they may wish to have the sewer line scoped to check for damage or debris in the line.   Some will ask me “Isn’t the sewer part of the home inspection?” The answer is yes...
This morning I was scheduled to perform a home inspection on a vacant two bedroom condo in Chandler AZ. I arrive at 9:00 AM get the keys out of the lock box, knok on the door. I wait the standard 45 seconds, no responce so I unlock the door. Sitting in front of me is a 250 pound guy in is underwe...
A Georgia hunter on opening day of bow and arrow season for deer stated that: “As I approached my deer stand, I decided to go home and mow grass instead.”   I thought there were a few people out there that would appreciate this.
This weeks Home Inspector tip of the week is to remember it is cooler and some things need to change at your home.   Reduce your Irrigation   First of all remember to change the settings on your sprinkler and/or drip system. A little water can go a long way this time of year.   Talk with a landsc...
AZ Home Inspector must be Bonded OR Insured Yes, you read that right, The state of Arizona requires home inspectors to have a minimum of a $25,000 bond or be insured for $100,000. What does that mean to you? A bond pays if you sue the AZ home inspector and win. If it goes to trial, court costs wi...
Golf Course Homes Hidden Hazards says Scottsdale Home Inspector. As a Scottsdale home inspector I get to look at some lovely properties including golf course homes. The homes on the fairway always seem more open  since you can normally see through the fence instead of the masonry wall found in ot...
Is painting counter tops a good idea?   I perform home inspections in the Phoenix area and lately I have seen a lot of painted counter tops. Home buyers ask me if this can be done. I will provide you with the same opinion I give my clients.   If you Google Painting counter tops you will find lots...
Ceiling Fans Tip of the week. I check the operation of ceiling fans during a Phoenix home inspection. But one thing I noticed is most people pay no attention to which direction the fan is spinning. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, ceiling fan users can bump up their thermostat by 4 deg...

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