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Happy New Year! I'm hoping y'all are having a grand and safe time. My senior mom and I are enjoying a peaceful quiet night - finishing old projects and starting new ones.  I've also been doing some research on various aging-in-place options and articles such as: Universal Design Angles You Haven'...
It's that peaceful (hopefully) time between Christmas and New Year's. The presents and shopping and card-sending should all be done. Perhaps you've started de-decorating, or maybe you're waiting til after the 12th Day of Christmas. But things are often quiet at work and at home. It's a grand tim...
In the past few weeks, I've read several blogs and tweets, here and elsewhere, on the pros and cons of buying or selling in the winter and how to deal with it - grand advice all. I thought I'd throw my 2 cents in, well 4 cents really since I've written two articles on the topic at KayeSwain.com. ...
My grandkids were quite excited to turn out the overhead lights and watch their mom use a match to light the candles on their Advent wreath. Candles are such a delight during the holiday season, not to mention wonderful for safety any time of the year when the power goes out.  Of course, in real ...
Grab bars are practical for every home and downright essential for homes with elderly parents living or visiting there. They are not very expensive and fairly easy to install. No, I've never actually installed them myself. However, I watched my plumber do it and asked plenty of questions while he...
In addition to SandwichINK.com, I have recently expanded by adding SandwichINKrealEstateInfo.com. This will give me a chance to write more specifically about Sandwich Generation property investments as that is one of my core interests. Whether we are buying or selling our homes with an eye to car...
  Today and tomorrow I am posting a two-part series on Moving tips for the Sandwich Generation and others at my primary website, http://www.sandwichink.com/the-sandwich-generation-moves-part-1 . Join me there as we discuss a checklist of things to do when moving, along with some tips for moving w...
Property Taxes! Two due dates every year that can't be missed. They are easy to be overlooked by elderly homeowners though. Not paying these bills can be a problem and if they are forgotten for several years, the consequences can be enormous. The late fees are hefty. Using Placer County in Califo...
The other side of the coin for elderly parents, from yesterday's post - many do want to stay in their own homes. For them, a reverse mortgage might be a help. Smart Money has a good article on the Sandwich Generation, including a section covering this topic - http://budurl.com/ReverseMtg .

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