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This is a great post by Bill and Liz Spear, so pay attention. It is important that your blogging reach your intended buyers and sellers. You can't do that if you are not a RAIN MAKER... Secondly, it is important you write about your target subdivisions and communities. Be the expert in the area t...
Terminator: Genisys or  Jurassic World? I went to see both of these movies and hands down... for me it was Terminator! Various news sources states that the Terminator is losing out in the box office to Jurassic Park.  I think this is happening because many parents are taking their kids to see din...
Independence DayToday, I saw on Face book a video of adults who were asked what Independence Day was and from whom were we declaring Independence from. Another question asked was name one person who signed the Declaration of Independence. No one seemed to know the answer. I knew that it was 13 co...
I Don't Have Any At My House! We are at the store.  I am getting the few things we need.  My husband heads off to get a half gallon of milk. When he comes back he sees the expression on my face and says... "What?... I don't have any at my house!" 
Lease Homes in Pearland ARE MOVING FAST The higher end homes in Pearland are moving fast! For the most part they stay on the market up to about three days.  There are a few that have been on the market a little longer than the norm as shown below. If you are looking for a high end home in Pearlan...
 Lease Homes Are Moving Fast In Alvin New construction and re-sale homes every where are moving off the for sale list very fast!  Hold up! Lease homes are moving at the speed of light also. Below is what is available today for lease in Alvin.                                 Address SF List Price ...
Do You Have To Have A Fancy Car To Be A REALTOR? Today as I waited on a new set of tires for my car a young man asked me Do You Have To Have A Fancy Car To Be A REALTOR? My response was, in actuality, no you should not have to. This car was just so shiny and got caught in my eye which is why I bo...
What is a Chicken Fried Steak? My out of town client and I were both hungry and we stopped to get something to eat. I mentioned that I wish we could have ordered a Chicken Fried Steak. To this comment she said... What is a Chicken Fried Steak?This! This is a Chicken Fried Steak!  I was floored! S...
Where Is The Light Switch? My husband and I both spent the entire day (Fathers Day)  showing homes to my out of state client. At one home we went to I thought of all the city inspectors and home inspectors I personally know and here on Active Rain.  I always expect to see some homes that need win...
Extra Territorial Jurisdiction  Just what is an ETJ?  ETJ is the acronym for Extra Territorial Jurisdiction and is the legal ability to exercise municipal authority by the nearest town or city's form of government. Not all states practice this jurisdiction but Texas does. An ETJ is measured from ...

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