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This is an excellent post and since I don't believe in re-inventing the wheel when it comes to providing a good source of info (be sure to click on "click here for the best analysis of HARP"), I'm reblogging.  The Best Point By Point Description of HARP that I've Seen.  In Plain English. October ...
Chris Ann makes the point "when clients fully understand...they do not opt for dual agency" - the key phrase for me is, "WHEN...[THEY]..FULLY UNDERSTAND."  How often are clients ONLY told "oh, if I do dual agency, you could get a break on the commission?"  Seriously, why would a client ever opt f...
This is an excellent explanation of the difference between Dual Agency and Designated Agency -- as well as a great explanation of the potential perils for consumers who feel they can do better if they "go it alone."  I believe many consumers don't clearly understand the difference and would make ...
Alexandria VA  22304 Real Estate Market Activity It is easy for not only consumers but agents to sometimes get caught up in thinking their state, city or neighborhood reflects what is going on in the real estate market.  And with all the often conflicting media coverage also adding noise, it's no...
My good friend and "soul sister," Jennifer Allan-Hagedorn recently wrote a post entitled Aspiring Real Estate Agents - NO!  You Do NOT Need a Website (yet)! and it brought back a memory from a recent transaction in which I was involved. The property was a bargain-basement priced condo and as expe...
So simple, yet so absolutely true! There should be no "I" in real estate. For what should be a client-driven business, it is amazing how ego-driven it can be. When you walk in to see the doctor, does he sit down, point to the certificates around him, tell you what school he attended...what school...

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