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When I went on my first check out dive after SCUBA training, my BIGGEST, nightmare-inducing fear was water getting in my mask because I wear contacts and I was terrified my mask would leak, I wouldn't be able to see and would get myself into a horrible, life threatening situation.  Well, it didn'...
I know, even I find it startling, but sellers are being relocated and really want to get on with their lives, so there it is.  Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know everyone says "Lowest Interest Rates in the History of Mankind so BUY NOW!"  "Prices Will Never Be This Low Again so BUY NOW!"  "WOW!  Won't Last...
Yay!  I get to be the first to reblog this fun - and smart - blog about RainCamp.  In case you don't follow Kim Brown, who does not blog enough to suit me, you should...she's funny, she's snarky and she's usually right on target. For anyone considering going to RainCamp, don't wait...sign up!  T...
Anyone who knows me KNOWS how much I love, love, love my dog.  Any dog. All dogs.  Cats, iguanas, snakes, lizards, get the drift.  Anyway, this particular post really resonated with me and I thought it was particularly helpful.  I hope it will help those folks who are in the process o...
IF BUYERS ARE LIARS, THEN I'M THE BIGGEST ONE OF ALL Although I pride myself on being pretty darn patient with my clients who are searching for that perfect home here in Alexandria and while I assure them they should take as much time as they need to feel comfortable with their home buying decisi...
So yesterday afternoon, I pick up my phone to return a call to a prospect who wants to talk about listing her house.  That's cool.  I like listings.  A lot. I kept inputting the number, but the call won't go through. Then, I look at WHAT I was inputting - you know that old saying about doing the ...
Have you seen the re-blogs and wondered what it was all about?  Have you wondered who was doing it and WHY?  As a new blogger, I found the following post to be chock-full of great info and answers to my questions, so I thought it was worth a "re-blog" in case you were wondering some of the same ...
Last night, a pretty powerful storm rolled through the DC area, downing trees and knocking out power to hundreds of thousands of folks, as well as to businesses and traffic signals.  While it brought a little bit of much needed relief humidity-wise, the loss of power (and air conditioning) inconv...
Okay, I am reblogging this because (one) I think it is a terrific post and (two) I was just thinking how I could get a blog post out of the time an idiot in a minivan -- of course, talking on a cell phone!!! - tried to cut in front of me (almost sideswiping me), then turned and flipped me off.  ...
It took me 3 years to write my first blog post.  I have been on AR off and on, commenting, learning, meeting new folks, but not posting because, well, I don't know why. Along the way, I had plenty of encouragement from my hero/mentor/writer extraordinare, Jennifer Allan, who, I am convinced, inve...

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