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Being on AR is like Christmas everyday!!  It seems like I can always find new stuff, blogs about things I didn't know much about, or "meet" new people just about every day. Today isn't different!  I just saw my Tag Cloud!!  Have you checked this out?  Its super cool!! I just wish there was a cool...
Who else has received the email that says as of April 1, 2008 you will have to be a registered agent for FAS Nationwide Realty?  You can register to do BPO's for $100 or BPO and REO listings for $200.  Do I smell a scam here?  Does anyone have any feedback on this particula company?  You would th...
Wow, so my whole adventures into REO listings continues.  One thing about being in real estate, you can't say that it is boring or routine!  Yesterday I went to a new listing I received up in Rainbow Valley just off Rainbow Heights Road.  Actually I had gone up the day before to check occupancy. ...
Why would you want to work with me? I work hard and will usually accomodate your schedule unless I've made plans (which I do make personal weekend and evening plans and schedule them in too!)  I am always happy to have the work and look forward to working with my clients.I work hard to educate yo...
Dear Real Estate Agent:  My wife and I found this home we love.  But heres the thing - its the market! We know what is going on - the market SUCKS, 299000 is too much to pay for this house.  I would like to look at it, but right know were thinking 235000.  If you would like to show it please let ...
 You know in our business there is a LOT of drama because its all about people.  And there are a lot of Ca-RAZY people out there if you haven't noticed.  (I'm avoiding mirrors at this moment...) But other times what else can you do but laugh?  I just saw a post on here calling a blogger a "westsi...
So, in our "declining market" it is very common practice for the REO listings with pools to be drained.  Otherwise the pools need to be maintained which of course will fall under the responsibility of the listing agent.  I believe it is a city ordinance that  the pools be drained because it is a ...
So I recieved an REO listing yesterday and went to go check the occupancy to find a car in the driveway, a dog in the backyard and furniture in the home.  I suppose the home is occupied.  I went back to the house today to see if I could get the occupants interested in signing a cash for keys agre...
I was surfing the net and ran across again recently.  This nationwide website is a great way to connect with the breed of your choice.  Its such a great website and is a great way to find your next family pet.  Some pets have overcome great tragedies while others have special ne...
An important part in figuring out how much you want to offer for a property is going to be your tax liability!  Many of the FHA and VA loans that are doing more than 80% of the loan are requiring buyers to front the first six months and then pay monthly into an escrow account to ensure payment on...

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