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Make sure you mark your calendar for May 24th as this is the inaugural event of Its All About Style which is going to be held at Wilson Creek Winery's newly opened event pavillion and restaurant.  This event will be one of the first events to be held in the building which has been under construct...
I made my first trip to Borrego Springs this weekend and had an absolutely fabulous time.  I went to go see my friend Debbie Israel Wiens in her stellar performance as Chelsea in On Golden Pond at the Borrego Springs Performing Arts Center.  The show was excellent and each one of the cast members...
Yesterday, the headline on the paper was that there were going to be 111 teachers laid off in Murrieta our sister municipality.  Another sign of the hard times with which our area is being hit. The face of the needy really isn't what you may typically think it would be - there are lots of profess...
So today some buyers I've been working with finally got their signed contract!! Yeah! We can finally start moving forward!  We've been waiting for the contract so that we can order the appraisal and so the buyers can access their 401K funds.  All in all, its been about two weeks since we submitte...
I've been reading and hearing about how the home equity lines are being taken away from consumers.  I understand the reason the banks are doing this - basically the banks are going bankrupt. That is horrible news for a lot of people though.  For some, its a line of credit that they rely on.  Many...
I recieved three offers on my short sale listing in Bridelvale and we accepted an all cash offer today!!  I am SO excited!  I have an REO comp, model match, same view that closed in November for the same price so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.  There's another REO listing model match on the same...
So I got a call today of course, this morning while I was on my way out to take photos for an interior BPO, and its a buyer who had called about a listing of mine last week.  He wants me to show him property. Today of course.  I of course accomodate him, why not.  I didn't have any other plans an...
Just putting this out clients put an offer in on an REO listing TWO WEEKS ago today.  We still have yet to get a response back one way or another.  The listing agent thinks that the offer is going to be accepted as written and he has not received any other offers on the property either...
As a short sale listing agent, it is important for me to try to educate the buyers as much as possible on exactly what it means to get involved in this type of transaction.  First of all, let me tell you that "short sale" is kind of an oxymoron.  A short sale usually takes a longer escrow period....
Well I received another solicitation phone call today from a company offering referrals for a monthly charge and then 19% at the sale.  The monthly charge is nominal and 80% of the referral goes back to the customer.  I dunno about this.  The website has other "perks" for the consumer like discou...

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