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Seattle Realtor and Staging Professional gives Tips and Hints on How to Sell Your Home Faster and at a Higher Price, and for Buyers on How to Make Your New Home into a Model.



If you are wringing your hands over the condition of the market and longing for the good old days...STOP! Take a deep breath, evaluate your services, and up your game. This letter from my client says it better than I ever could.You can read it and weep or make a decision to up your game by teamin...
My cousin, who lives in Waterford Michigan just called me today in a panic. She and her husband have had their home on the market for about 9 months now. Her company is relocating her to Pennsylvania and she has finally found a home there and made an offer on it. She first asked me if they should...
Imagine how you would feel if you were shopping for a bridal gown. If you’re having a hard time visualizing a bridal gown, imagine you are buying a car. After looking all over town you find the perfect one. A little more than you wanted to spend but it’s perfect. Then you notice a tag attached t...
According to Barbara Walters that would be a big mistake. Twenty years ago, Barbara was going to buy an apartment, in the same building that Jackie Onassis lived in, for about $250,000. NYC was in a slump, kind of like our market now.  She asked her then boyfriend Alan Greenspan what he thought. ...
This is the story of 3 identical town homes: same floor plan, same square footage, same condition, same price; all on the market during the same three-month period. If this doesn't convince you that staging works - nothing will!! For printout from Microsoft Word Click Here      TOWN HOME #1 TOWN ...
As we all know, one picture is worth a thousand words but putting a little bit of text to your pictures is a great selling tool, whether you're a Realtor using them for the Multiple or a Stager using them to market your business. Per request I'm including instructions for adding text with or with...
After months of design and re-design I finally came up with the perfect logo on a beautiful over-sized business card that sets my business apart ... apparently too far apart. The MLS just came up with a new rule outlawing the use of business cards, left when previewing property, describing "the a...
                   To make the most of a partial water view and allow more light to come in, while blocking a view of the parking lot, we removed the top down venetian blinds and retro-fitted matchstick blinds from Lowe's to work from the bottom-up. And of course we staged it with furniture, art ...

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