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What are the banks doing with their unlisted inventory ? As we all know foreclosures are up and the Banks' unlisted inventory is slowly but surely bulging. I wonder what they have up their sleeves that we don't know about. Possibilities are: - sell them as portfolios to large investors, including...
As real estate professionals we tend to look at things in terms of how efficient the market is, inventory and absorption levels... And all of these tangible factors are out of whack because of the inefficiencies and market manipulation performed by lenders reluctant to be turned into landlords. S...
Good news! We are finally seeing a reversal of the waterfront market with increased demand and limited supply. The interesting thing to note is that unlike the crazy peak market days, the pent up demand is from buyers looking for good values. I guess everyone learned their lessons. Don't get me w...
Despite the bad press plastering the news about a continuous decline in property values in Florida and South Florida, the reality in the field is another story. Working with buyers is becoming a headache as the choices are very limited, with the exception of some overpriced listings still lingeri...
I just showed a listing of mine in an oceanfront condo tower to a buyer's agent and her client and she proudly handed me a color flyer for a new listing she just got in the building where she lives priced at $950,000. I glanced at this first floor unit price and asked her: "higher floor units in ...
Well I finally made the jump to this wonderful community. Please feel free to contact me to discuss any topics related to the waterfront in South Florida from Palm Beach to Miami. Blog coming soon.

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