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I really like what Greg says here.  People need to like you before they will work with you.  Unfortunately, I don't get out to community functions as much as I would like to.  I guess I need to work on this one!  I have been in real estate about 6 years now, managing and selling in Boston and Cin...
Here is my innocent furry child.    Ok, he looks innocent enough!!  SURE he is!   Here is a picture of my christmas tree    It was really pretty.  I got it all set up pretty early this year.  I usually don't get it set up until about two weeks before christmas....but this year, since it was the 2...
              As we go from shopping mall to shopping mall and pass the many people asking for donations this season, don't forget the ones that are the most needy.  The Marines have worked very hard for this and we want them to keep succeeding.  While you are out, don't forget to pick up at leas...
This is the season for giving!  Give to those less fortunate also!  This was a great post and a reminder for me to go out and get my gift for Toys for Tots for this year. Advance Realty Professionals Supports Toys for Tots Advance Realty Professionals will be collecting toys for underprivileged c...
     As I leave the office today for a 5 day retreat, I wanted to reflect on this holiday.  I will return to my house today and start the baking of cookies & pies.  Later tonight I will start mixing the stuffing for the turkey. I will set my alarm for O dark thirty in the am to put the turkey in ...
This tells it like it is.  I am certainly going to use this when I have an unrealistic seller on the fence about listing at an approproiate price. THE GLUT OF OVERPRICED LISTINGS IN MANY MARKETS IS A NIGHTMARE FOR BUYERS, SELLERS, AGENTS and LOAN OFFICERS.  That said, there's nothing new in the p...
         Is this a good time of year to sell or buy?  Well, I for one love the buyers during this time of the year.  You know that when they are looking at homes during the holiday season, they are serious.  At least this has been my experience!  As far as selling, I'm not so sure.  Most people t...
Today is the first day of the rest of your life.....Also, today is my 23rd wedding anniversary.  I have been truly blessed by meeting this wonderful man and having him in my life for the last 25 years or so.  We have raised three boys together and are starting to move on to our empty nest years a...
I would like to just take a minute of everybody's time to reflect on Veteran's Day.  Some people see this as a day off from work, no mail, no trash pick up, etc.  In my area, schools are still opened and most of us are at work, except government workers.  So here I am at the office trying to reac...
     Daylight Savings time versus Standard Time!!!  To change or not to change, that is the question???  OK, there is much ado about this time change.  I, for one, do not like it getting dark before 5pm in the evening.  I suffer from the blues pretty quickly in the winter months if I do not keep ...

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