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A friend of mine recently shared the story of his trip to Disneyland with his wife. Now, what you need to know about this friend (before I tell you the story) is he is about 6 foot 4 and his wife is about 4 foot 10. (No lie.) And so when they went to Disneyland, he talked about how there were ju...
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The light (in my mind) has finally come on with Pinterest and how to use it with Real Estate. Working for a real estate company as a blogger, I'm in charge of all the social media stuff, too. And so when Twitter came along, I had to get my mind around that. And then when Facebook (business) page...
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We're celebrating moms this coming Sunday and so I was thinking about the various gifts that they receive on Mother's Day and the ones they like the best. I tried to rank them in an order keeping in mind what my own mom would probably most prefer (especially the top 5). It might be different wit...
Lightning fast post meant to make you think... 10 Mistakes People Make with Newbies (plus 1 bonus): (what might you add to the list?) 1. Aren't patient. 2. Don't offer a helping hand. 3. Try to sabotage them from the start. 4. Overlook telling them office protocol. 5. Leave them twisting in the ...
(click image to enlarge, then in new browser tab or window click again) 5 Dangers of Social Media:  1. Becomes all consuming 2. Puffs up with pride (over numbers) 3. Spread too thin (over too many sites) 4. Offline responsibilities neglected 5. "Affairs" online turn into "affairs" offline (somet...
What's your passion? What I mean by passion is: What is it that you would do even if you didn't make a cent from it? And it goes even further: What is it that you would just die if you couldn't do it? ~ your literal life would be sucked out of you and you would dry up? That's your passion. Somet...
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Remember how you felt when you first entered the business? I'm not talking about Real Estate per se (even though this is a Real Estate blog). It could be any business (or whatever it is you happen to be doing). And when you first started you were gung ho. (Some of you were.) And you were excited...

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