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In Jamestown, Tennessee - Big South Fork country and home of "the best trail riding in the southeast", low taxes and cost of living, you will find tolerable winters, wonderful Spring and Fall riding and pleasant summers.  This fall Nichol Creek Farms finished out its development with an auction o...
When I look back at some of our photos, I wonder what is that???  I have on a pack which says I could be hiking, tights that say I could be mountain biking, and a helmet which says I might be riding my horse. You decide! I am four words short of 50 so this will fix that, hopefully.
 Well it's been a long hard slog with this horse.  Now, almost 5 months later (See Blogs on same subject, Parts 1 & 2) his surgery wound has healed up until it's almost gone.  The vet is pleased with the way it looks. With his lump gone and months of recovery, you would think that's the end of it...
Some days, no matter what "home chores" you have waiting, you gotta go ride.  The breeze was wonderful, the falling leaves fanciful and the horses were extraordinary.  We live where all this is just minutes away while some folks trailer hundreds of miles to what's in our backyard.  We are so bles...
All you agents out there might wonder why I'm blogging about this horse and his surgery.   Well, in the Big South Fork area, we all have horses and follow the progress of our friends with their horses, be it problems, progress with a horse, trails we've ridden or where to get hay.  As with a sick...
Some horses go through life pretty much trouble free and then there are others we think of as "high maintenance."  We have 3 steady-eddies and one problem child.  Our quarter horse has some thoroughbred in his grandmother and she has passed on speed but also a few irritants such as low heel syndr...
This was another time I was remiss in getting  BEFORE pictures.   Our ½ mile-long gravel driveway has required several fixes over the last 14 years, but we have learned how to institute FINAL fixes.  Everywhere we've applied the FINAL fix, it has worked and we have no more mud and gravel disappea...
We (husband, Brad and I) retired here in Big South Fork Country near Jamestown, Tennessee to have land for our horses, to ride the hundreds of miles of trails here, and to enjoy the fabulous beauty right outside our back door.  By-the-way...this is exactly what so many of our Real Estate customer...
Yesterday our Real Estate Office was audited by our Tennessee Real Estate Commission auditor.  This is stressful anytime, but this one was MY first audit experience as a relatively new Principal Broker.  Thanks to Leslie Helm, our top listing and selling agent, it couldn't have been better.  As w...
 Here in BIG SOUTH FORK country, Jamestown, TN we are fortunate to have expert hoof care for our horses.  American Farrier's Association's slogan is: No Foot, No Horse is a saying for some. It's our Trademark...  You don't appreciate this statement until your favorite horse has foundered and has ...

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Let's saddle up and go look at the best place to purchase your future happiness - a property to build your dreams on, a property your will love so much you never want to leave. That's what we have here in Fentress County, TN: BIG SOUTH FORK COUNTRY!