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Mortgage Company Condo Insurance Requirements   In recent years, we have seen the mortgage and escrow companies requiring that condo owners purchase coverage for their interior upgrades that equals 20% of their loan amount.   Your interior upgrades are sometimes referred to as dwelling coverage,...
Condo insurance , also known as ho6 insurance or walls-in coverage, helps to protect condo owners in many different ways. What is condo insurance (ho6 insurance)?Condominium Insurance is designed to protect condo unit owners from many possible losses that occur.  Most attached condos are covered ...
Walls In Insurance is a name commonly used for condo unit owners insurance.  Other names include walls in coverage and h06 insurance. As the popularity of condominiums grows, Stratum Insurance Agency is working to make it easier to get quotes for this type of insurance.  Many condo owners find th...
First Time Home Buyer InsuranceIf you're purchasing your first home you probably have a long checklist of things that you need to do. Insurance is one of those important things that many people do not look into until the last minute. The team at Stratum Insurance Agency  has helped many first tim...
Why does a property manager need professional liability insurance?Stratum Insurance Agency LLC can help with this type of insurance.There's a long list of potential claims, but here are just a few: Discrimination Failure to collect rents on time Mishandling of funds Failure to complete repairs Fa...
Park Model Home Insurance and Manufactured Home InsuranceThere are different considerations for a manufactured home vs. a site built home.  The type of construction, the shape, the materials, park location vs private land, and other factors require that you purchase the appropriate type of insura...
Interior designers and decorators need insurance.  The interior design profession is not one where you can overlook the insurance. Let's look at some basic claims: Professional Liability: You recommend a beautiful countertop for a kitchen that costs $10,000.  The client installs the countertop on...
 Why buy vacant home insurance? Is your home vacant because it's up for sale?   Your traditional homeowners insurance changes the terms when your home becomes vacant. Copper wiring thefts have increased greatly over past years. Vandalism may not be covered when your home is vacant on a standard h...
Condo Insurance goes by many names:   Walls In Coverage ho6 or h06 insurance Condo-Unit Owners Coverage If you have never bought insurance for a condo before, you might be asking a few basic questions.   What does an ho-6 policy cover? First, keep in mind that many coverages are optional, but wit...
High-Net Worth Individuals and Families   Congratulations on your success.  You have likely been rewarded by being in a higher tax bracket and may be more likely to be sued in he event of an accident.  We cannot help with the tax issue, but we will be glad to help you find insurance, from Anchora...

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Small Business and Personal Insurance in 49 States
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