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Notary E&O insurance is one of the primary needs for notaries to get work assignments from title and escrow companies.  Consumers also like to know that notaries have coverage as well.We are excited to announce a package of both general and professional liability (E&O insurance) for individual no...
There are several discounts available with a homeowners insurance quote The BundleSave up to 15 percent when you combine your homeowners and auto policies as part of a package.  When you call 866-347-8683 for a quote, you can quote your home and auto insurance together,Multiple Policy DiscountSav...
You Tube for Real Estate Agents TrainingOne of my friends that is a leader in marketing for real estate agents is holding an online boot camp to help you grow your business. He has a lot of experience generating new business through YouTube and it really changed his new client flow for his real e...
Can you get renters insurance if you rent an apartment, a home, or a condo?This is a common question.  Even if you are renting a home or condo, you need to buy renters insurance.  It is rare for a landlord to cover your personal belongings, as that would not commonly be covered under a landlord-s...
Insurance for Vacant Condos is finally easy to find Insurance for vacant condos is now available with one call to 833-844-4357.  There are few insurance companies that will write insurance for vacant condominiums.  Vacant properties are considered riskier than occupied ones, just like vacant hom...
Professional liability insurance for notaries, also called E&O or errors and ommissions insurance for notaries is one of the most common requests that I see.We are also seeing requests for: General Liability Insurance for Notaries Data Breach or Cyber Liability Insurance  The online system at www...
Errors and Omissions Insurance and General Liability Insurance for NotariesThe notary is an integral part of the real estate transaction. Notaries after often seeking two types of insurance but only focus on searching for errors and omission insurance (professional liability insurance) also known...
Mortgage Company Condo Insurance Requirements   In recent years, we have seen the mortgage and escrow companies requiring that condo owners purchase coverage for their interior upgrades that equals 20% of their loan amount.   Your interior upgrades are sometimes referred to as dwelling coverage,...
Condo insurance , also known as ho6 insurance or walls-in coverage, helps to protect condo owners in many different ways. What is condo insurance (ho6 insurance)?Condominium Insurance is designed to protect condo unit owners from many possible losses that occur.  Most attached condos are covered ...
Walls In Insurance is a name commonly used for condo unit owners insurance.  Other names include walls in coverage and h06 insurance. As the popularity of condominiums grows, Stratum Insurance Agency is working to make it easier to get quotes for this type of insurance.  Many condo owners find th...

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Small Business and Personal Insurance in 49 States
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