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In this video I explain cap rates and how they relate to the rate of return that you as an investor want to recieve on your investment.     Cap Rate Example Equity .20 (20% Down Payment) X .15 (Rate of Return) = 3.0Debt .80 (Amount Financed) X .05 (Debt Constant) = 4.0Cap Rate to Buy at to Get A ...
Despite the current slump in the housing market, it can be the right time to acquire funding for a commercial real estate. I got into the real estate game when I had no money so I had to do deals creatively, but I have developed systems that allow me to not only survive the slump, but profit from...
It's a fact that those who travel down the real estate investor path have one ultimate aim in mind: total financial freedom. But while this is the common uniting thread in the way they do pretty much anything, different real estate investors have different ideas about how to get there. This is wh...
As important as property management can be to successful ownership of commercial properties,  it is also not limited to a single person or company. To what extent you view the concept of  property management as a team effort can often determine your relative success as a property  owner. Let's ex...
Any commercial real estate (CRE) deal worth doing should be able to withstand a little due  diligence. I want to discuss examples of due diligence you'll want to perform beforeyou put the final touches on that Purchase Agreement (PA) and they include:  · Property Inspection · Market Analysis (val...
At a recent event I held I gave away my book, "Getting Rich is Easy" FREE! Man, that made me feel very good doing that, also it made the people there feel good as well. Actually I believe I had more people there because I gave away something. Watch the short video: In this day and age of seminars...

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