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Since you’re reading these words right now, I suspect that the answer is yes. Well, great! But before you start building your personal real estate empire, there are a few things to consider, and the most important of these is how you’re going to succeed. The good news is that you can succeed, and...
I thought today that seeing that we in Michigan are snowed in, a lot of schools are off and that makes for a stressful day with the kids being home, I thought a little laughter is needed. For those not in Michigan you can enjoy as well. I want to share this 3 minute video with you about Pop Tarts...
Once you get the Filing Endorsement from the state you are ready to file for an Employee Identification Number (EIN) from the IRS. The technical name for this form is Form SS-4. You can ask your accountant or attorney to perform this for you, but why not save money and do it yourself, which is wh...
Come here commercial real estate developer Herb Strather speak about how you can Thrive & Survive in this recession. Listen as Herb tells you how now is not the time to be sleeping, but buying commercial real estate, in particular apartment buildings. Herb will tell you of the latest deals that h...
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As they say, find it and they will come! Well for most people that is the hardest part of Real Estate Investing, is finding the deals. What I'd like to do here is to give you 17 great sources of leads so that you can find your deal of a "life time". These are not all inclusive but these are some ...
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I just posted on my blog an article addressing this question. I have students ask me about each of these so I decided to kinda lay it out and explain the differences of each. Take a look http://bit.ly/cgO5IN Remember we have class tonight 6:30-9 PM for those of you who are signed up, and tonight ...
One thing I like most about apartment investing is that it gives any investor the ability to have a solid cash flow via multiplied profits. Additionally, I want to find a way to increase those returns and ultimately, increase the overall value of the commercial property. How can I do that? Using ...

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