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Lots of legal mumbo jumbo but I believe the recent settlement NAR has reached will indeed protect the Realtor industry in general.Check out the video on their site at .When people come after us as an industry it's largely because they are unschooled about what we have to do to...
Today it appears even harder to be a real estate agent. The new lawsuits / settlements from the mega agencies, more pages in the contracts, more threats from the industry about what we can and cannot say..... It can seem as if it's a daunting task just to simply stay in the business. But then you...
Well here it is. Castle Wildwood. We have actually owned and lived in this place for 2 1/2 years. It has been an adventure. Built in 1996 originally as a party house it changed hands in 2003 and a party house it was no more. There were many nuances that were no completed such as an elevator in th...
When you look at life, you are always selling AND buying. Relationships are all about selling yourself, sharing your desires, and introducing the direction you want to head. The sales arena has really gotten a bad rap over the years. Terms like "salesie", "pushy sales people" and perhaps "unscrup...
So the world of marketing has evolved much over the last number of years. The fact is, the whole world of relationships has taken a new step.A step in the right direction? As a person who loves people and enjoys meeting, networking and engaging in conversations I must say the Internet has greatly...
We have an incredible Ranch property listed that is in need of a new family! There are 83.5 acres of native Texas Grasses, two large ponds and an incredible custom home! Take a look at the Virtual Tour.
I really enjoy listening to Denis Waitley. He is a great speaker who has helped me often with his genuine presence and his way of getting his point across strong and smooth.I would like to share some of his quotes: Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed. Happiness is the...
We have a wonderful home in the incredible neighborhood Belterra southwest of Austin, Texas. $390,000 and;We are holding it,Open this weekend Saturday and Sunday July 8th and 9th 1-4 Belterra! 290 Harris Dr. 78737!! 290 Harris Austin, Texas
I absolutely love hearing that question! Where ever I am, that is my favorite conversation starter, mainly because the person asking may be an interested party who may have property! And said ask-er is most likely responding to my answer to "what do you do". As a Realtor, I really enjoy getting i...
Our world is vast, the world is huge, and it's a small world after all.I have heard these statements many times over my life. What does the world mean to you? Is your world too busy, too stressed or just right?Based on your reflections, what might be a tell tail sign of how you see your world, is...

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