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    The 3rd edition of Virtual RE BArcamp will be taking place this coming Tuesday, April 6, 2010.  This will be an all day online learning and idea sharing extravaganza going on from 9am to 4pm PST. The online event is 9 hours and over 28 great speakers with 1000s of attendees.  The first two ed...
This is today's Mortgage Bond Market snapshot from provided to you by Steve McCoole of Mortgage Alliance Group in an effort to keep you informed regarding Southern California Mortgage Rates, Southern California Mortgage Lending and Jumbo Mortgage Rates in Southern California. Mortga...
We actually have a US Congressman who thinks that by bringing in an additional 8000 Marines and their families that Guam could "tip over and capsize".  This is Congress and our taxpayer money hard at work folks.
This is from my Facebook posting about mortgage interest rates, California mortgage interest rates, California mortgage lending. DAY ONE Day one of the Mortgage Bond Market standing on its own two feet w/o the Fed buying and we are seeing a moderate sell off, down about 40bps. Yield spreads are w...
Steve McCoole, Senior Mortgage Originator with Mortgage Alliance Group is sharing with you a very informative article that will help readers to understand California mortgage interest rates, mortgage loan pricing and mortgage interest rates in general.  This article was written by AdamQuinones of...
Steve McCoole, Senior Mortgage Originator with Mortgage Alliance Group in order to keep you as informed as possible about California mortgage rates, California mortgage loans and mortgage interest rates in general, provides the following Mortgage Market snapshot from Rate ADP Data The ...
The Consumer Confidence Index came in higher than expected today but does that mean that consumers are really ready to start spending?  How much confidence can there really be with unemployment still close to 10%?  At a certain point some spending does have to take place because clothing, applian...
Here is a great little video from the Mortgage Market Guide that I would encourage all RE Agents to take 7 minutes of their time to watch.  Impress your clients and separate yourselves from your competition by having this basic knowledge of the Mortgage Bond Market and how rates move.    
Since early 2008 the number of non-conforming residential mortgage programs have shrunk tremendously.  Here in 2010 we have over 90% of all mortgages originated as either conforming or FHA/VA.  The Federal Government found it imperative to bail out Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac because without these...
Last week we saw Mortgage Bonds move sharply lower and rates higher on the heels of some not so well received Treasury auctions and the Fed's impending exit from the market. Will the coming week bring more of the same?  No auctions this week but of of course Wednesday is the big day - the last da...

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