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Steve Hoffacker, CAPS, MCSP, MIRM (Hoffacker Associates LLC, West Palm Beach, FL), is an award-winning international naging-in-place instructor as well as a well respected author and instructor in the field of universal design.
While different search terms and phrases have different results - that's why keyword development is so important - this particular search turned up great results for me.I had not run this specific search before, but it is a variation on one I have optimized.Nevertheless, when I did a search like ...
In addition to being able to help someone's online reputation - and get some help yourself from your comnections - Linked In now has a new popup when you connect with somone. It asks you if you want to "endorse" 5 of the skills they list.You can do more on your own, but this is great.After you cl...
If you haven't looked at your Linked In profile recently you may not be aware of a new feature where they allow your contacts to "endorse" your skills.Whether it's "real estate," "short sales," "financing," "foreclosures," investment property," or whatever you have listed, your contacts can now e...
I like using Twitter. I find it to be an effective platform for news that you don't see other places, for breaking updates, for insights, and quick posts. Didn't always feel that way, but I do now.Tonight, I hit the 20,000 mark in posts. That is not all that impressive compared to some bloggers, ...
It just keeps getting better. Yesterday I posted about my incredible Google results - #1-5 on Page One of the organic (non-paid) search results (SERP) for "Sales Training for Onsite New Home Salespeople."Well, that post ("Love That Goggle Juice For New Home Sales Training") is now #6 - in additio...
I have used Google Alerts for several years - don't really remember when I started. I have changed some of the search terms a little over the years, but many have remained constant. BTW, Goggle Alerts is a free service where you can specifiy keywords, phrases, or terms for Google to email you abo...
This afternoon, in doing a Goggle search of organic results (non-paid) for the long-tail search term "Sales Training for Onsite New Home Salespeople," I found that I occupied the first 5 spots on page one - not just first but first through fifth!Notice they come from a variety of sources, with 3 ...
Whether you saw the Republican National Convention from Tampa last week or not, one takeaway remains. It wasn't the great speeches from any of the candidates or the fact that Romney and Ryan were nominated. It was the empty chair.Talk about a memory point!Years from now, people will still remembe...
 “To go through the season undefeated, you have to win the first game.”Steve Hoffacker The NFL Football season has started. High school and college seasons have also. Many teams have yet to play their first game. That means they are still undefeated for the current campaign. That can all change i...
You can take your own real estate photos for websites, blogs, listings, flyers - and avoid the hassel of scheduling around a professional photographer, paying for something you can do yourself, and the time to edit shots since you can use them right our of the camera.Join me tomorrow to learn how...

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