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Steve Hoffacker, CAPS, MCSP, MIRM (Hoffacker Associates LLC, West Palm Beach, FL), is an award-winning international naging-in-place instructor as well as a well respected author and instructor in the field of universal design.
Today we lost a tremendous motivator and sales legend. Zig Ziglar left us at 86.I had the pleasure of meeting Zig several times, talking with him, having my picture taken with him, and even appearing on the same program with him once.I imagine there are few salespeople who haven't benefited from ...
What a great boost to the economy this election season has been - at every level - from local contests to state and national races. I am celebrating the tremendous, over-the-top contributions to the economy from all of the postage, the extra jobs for printing signs and postcards, the jet fuel for...
This time of year, we marvel at the beauty of the orange, yellow, golden, russet, red, tan, light green, and still dark green leaves on the trees as they explode with color. However, they are only visible at their peak for a couple of weeks. They begin falling to the ground and with a month or so...
  Who doesn't like a good rainbow photo - and here is a great one that Tony Cannon captured in southern Utah. Makes it worth the storm to see the aftermath like this.    Here is one that I took earlier this year.  I hope that you all like it. Summertime Rainbow If you’re interested in a property ...
  This is a beautiful shot of sunny southern Utah with enough clouds to make it interesting - captured and shared originally by Tony Cannon.     Some of the Sights in Scenic Southern Utah... If you’re interested in a property in the Cedar City Real Estate Market, contact us.  Our email address is...
One of the great attributes of blogging is posting a message and having people comment on it or respond to it.That said, there is a belief by some that reblogs should not have that same opportunity. Let me encourage you to look at a reblog just as any other post - just one written by someone othe...
  Here's a beautiful, colorful slice of the west - almost like an oil painting - as it begins its tranformation into fall - through the eyes and camera of Tony Cannon.  S Some more Fall Colors If you’re interested in a property in the Cedar City Real Estate Market, contact us.  Our email address ...
I went to the Post Office earlier today to mail some books that had been ordered, and I learned a couple of things to share.First, if you need a box to mail something, there are so many places other than the Post Office to get them - cheaper places. Prices on display were between $5 and $15 - plu...
  Rose King found this beautiful little church called "Haw Creek Church" - such great architecture and well photographed - this 150 years old church is one to remember.      I saw this cute little church in Round Top, Texas on Friday while I was there with a friend for the semi-annual Antique Wee...
On this day 235 years ago (September 27, 1777), the Capital of the United States was moved for a day from Philadelphia to Lancaster, PA - before moving on to York, PA and a few other cities before ever getting to Washington.Probably not reported in textbooks anymore. 

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