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Steve Hoffacker, CAPS, MCSP, MIRM (Hoffacker Associates LLC, West Palm Beach, FL), is an award-winning international naging-in-place instructor as well as a well respected author and instructor in the field of universal design.
Q: How is taking good real estate photos like staging a home for sales?A: They are very similar with comparable objectives. Staging is about presenting strong visual interest and removing clutter. Photography should do the same.So often I see pictures of home exteriors that really should not be t...
 Roses are often given for Valentine's Day - and for other special occasions as well. They can be many different colors - or they can be multi-colored. While roses are a dramatic expression of interest, appreciation, or love, something that isn't offered or expected as often as a gift is that whi...
My latest Amazon Kindle eBook, "Universal Design For Builders" for home builders, new home salespeople, and architects on how to include and sell universal design elements and features in new construction in on the Kindle Best Seller List. Today it ranks #19 on the "Design & Construction" subgrou...
 Who can leave a day or evening at the fair without one more stop at the concessions for french fries, a funnel cake, hot dogs, corn dogs, candy apples, or more? It's what we call comfort food - similar to the waywe expect our homes to be comfortable for us as we age. For many people, this is the...
 How often do we get a choice of how we want to arrive at our destination - when different paths parallel each other? Usually, we must pick one avenue or another. Having choices is great, but we nevertheless must make one and then be prepared to see it through unless it needs to be abandoned in f...
Lead generation can mean getting people to respond to a CTA (call to action) by subscribing to an email list, ordering a whitepaper or free ebook, or attending a free webinar. There isn't much engagement at that point, however, other than the initial point of contact, and the company often knows ...
My Kindle eBook "Selling With Builders: How Realtors Can Profit From Selling Builders' New Homes" is number 3 on Amazon's list of "Best Sellers in Real Estate Sales." Tom Hopkins is #1.This book shows you as a Realtor how you can benefit financially from showing and selling builder's new homes to...
My new Kindle release "Selling With Builders: How Realtors Can Profit From Selling Builders' New Homes" appeared at #84 today on Amazon's Top 100 Books on "Real Estate Sales."Get your copy today. Find out how to make money and be more efficient by showing and selling new homes. Find out what to l...
My new Kindle book "Business Planning Made Simple" is written to be read on the Kindle device, but that's not the whole story.If you have an iPhone, iPad, or Android phone, you can get my book or any other Kindle book and read it just fine on what you have.Follow the appropriate link to locate yo...
Can you believe that there is just one more month remaining in 2012? Seems like we just got used to writing 2012 and now we'll have to try to remember to use 2013 very soon.A new year always brings big plans, new goals, and optimism.One thing that keeps us going in the pursuit of our goals is a w...

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Information for aging-in-place specialists, universal design professionals, remodelers, homebuilders, and new home salespeople.
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