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I really do not have a solid answer for that question I can give you my opinion based on my personal experience with the current market. THIS IS ONLY MY OPINION  What I can tell you is there is absolutely no inventory out there right now.(you know that) There are an estimated 3 to 8 preapproved b...
This is probably the best attempt ever to give people a "real opportunity"not some BS marketing ploy.
Another 90 day moratorium on foreclosures?  Help or hurt? Steve Eveleth Another attempt to band aid the open wound. The pres says he doing this to put pressure on lenders to work with home owners......haven't we already done this a couple times in past 2 yrs? The lenders do n...
The "highest & best" counter offer game the banks play with poor buyers from Steve Eveleth Since mid to end of 2008 & current 2009 the entry level market is cooking for first time buyers. 90% of low priced bank owned homes are getting 5-10 sometimes even 20 offers in the East Bay, Central Valley ...
My name is Steve Eveleth. My job is to help people with my experiences, knowledge in the real estate industry so they can make informative decisions in which they can get themselves positioned with one of the biggest financial stepping stones in their lives. Buying or selling a home! I am a licen...
Current market conditions Steve Eveleth Blog 5/17/2009 Well the entry level market is certainly taking a turn toward a seller's market that's for sure. On average there are 3 to 5 preapproved buyers for every bank owned home that comes on the market in the East Bay area & central valleys. Reason ...
Attn buyers::::: dont get your heart set on these beautiful low priced homes youare picking from the internet when you are getting ready to shop with your realtor These properties getmultiple offers within the first couple days they are on.They also aregetting 5 to 15% over asking price in the Li...
Steve Eveleth shots straight from the hip on real time current market conditions. I have a entire team now to better serve my first time buyers in the Livermore, Mountain House & tracy areas! Livermore first time buyers are where the market is....grap its while you can....agents I always looking ...
Steve Eveleth Many Livermore bank owned homes are available. I have access to all of them. There are a few things you should know about the current market we are in to get a forecloseure. 1) About 70% of bank owned homes are already priced low & get multiple offers the fi...
Attention buyers: Forget what the media tells you the entry level housing market is moving right along. The price of homes now in the Bay Area have come down low enough now that many people can now afford to purchase. Im here to tell you from my everyday experience out in the field that PEOPLE AR...

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