As a Central New Jersey real estate agent  who speciaizes in Somerset County area, I have noticed for some time, condensation stains in multi-pane insulated glass windows. Those annoying foggy stains that are more or less prevalent during different times of the day as the sunlight shines in diffe...
As a New Jersey real estate agent residing in Somerset County I have heard it mentioned that some homeowners that either miss a mortgage payment, haven't missed a mortgage payment or are just worried if they might miss a future mortgage payment sometimes don't really know where to go to get answe...
As a real estate agent residing in Somerset County  New Jersey, one of my favorite fall acitvies is taking a day trip driving through the countryside looking at the wonderful displays of the  fall foliage and stopping into the many stores and shops along the way. By chance I was traveling through...
If your in the market for buying or selling a manufactured home and have questions, the best resource around would be looking into the Manufactured Housing Program that HUD has to offer. This program offers established guidlines that protect the health and safety of the occupant. Just about every...
According to a statement released by the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, " Mold spores are present in all indoor environments and cannot be eliminated from them." Mold above a window Home inspections can indicate the presence of mold. Whenever mold starts to grow indo...

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I am a licensed Realtor but also an experienced home inspector. While keeping the two separate I do assist in many home inspections throughout Somerset County New Jersey including but not limited to: Bridgewater, Hillsborough, Warren, Bedminster and Franklin Township and Bound Brook, South Bound Brook, Mansville, Martinsville and any outlying areas in Somerset County.