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Stephen Christie goes though the steps of what a short sale is and if it's a good strategy for you. In 5 minutes you will understand the process and what's involved to move forward.      
How many homes should you look at before writing an offer? 40-50? Nope! Can you believe 3-5? Yes! And this is how...because of technology that you have access to, and the systems that we have created, we are able to do so much of the pre-work or pre-screening ahead of time. It's so cool and this ...
December is already here! The Stephen Christie Realty Group has a challenge for you. We all have a few more weeks to make a difference in the lives of others and the community. Who can you invite over for a meal or dessert that is feeling a bit down this time of year? What local merchant can you ...
The Stephen Christie Realty Group is working with the Parents, Principal, Teachers, Staff, PTA, and Community of Sinaloa Middle School to make our middle school one of the best in the State. Here's what happened at the meeting... What are your ideas?      
Can you believe how low interest rates are?  It boggles my mind that a home buyer can obtain a 30 year fixed rate at 4%, or even less, or an adjustable rate as low as 2.9%!  The "true rate", or what is "normal" is about 7%, so to have these record lows supports the position that now is truly the ...
Stephen Christie talks about the power of being a seller AND a buyer in today's real estate market.  What factors are involved?         
How do you protect your equity?  What criteria do you use when choosing the right agent for you?  Stephen Christie shares his ideas on hiring the best agent...        
Who is the best person to let the world know about their home?  The homeowner, of course!  What caught their eye when they bought the home?  What do they love about the property?      Check out this gorgeous home on 20 acres in Somis, California...
Who is the best real estate professional to work for you? Is it the Listing Agent, or a Buyer's Agent? Should you interview several agents?        
Prices and interest rates are down, which is great for Buyers.  And, inventory is low, which is good for Sellers.  What kind of market is it?      

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