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As a Realtor, do you use a book or a laptop to present your marketing package to prospective clients?  Which ever you use, there's one page to show your prospective clients that will help them better prepare their property for sale and give you a better product to market. As a professional home s...
Tonight I had the pleasure of talking with a class of new Keller Williams agents in training about the importance of the CONDITION FACTOR ....of what I call the three legged stool:  PRICE  LOCATION CONDITION.  As an Accredited Staging Professional it was my pleasure to talk with them about the di...
Very important to know before to start that renovation!In April 22, 2010 the EPA's new rule on lead paint practices went into effect.  For some reason I had not heard about this until about a month ago, while in Sherwin Williams, I overheard some of the painters talking about it.  I immediately s...
Be sure you're not one of these sellers! Today I met with a couple who had problems.   Their house wasn't selling, and they asked our staging team for advice.   They had medication row in their living room.          1000's eyes of their kids and grand kids staring everyone down from their perches...
Three artist canvas forms covered with fabric make an easy headboard for a vacant staging.  They are very lightweight and hang on the wall with two push pins each.      
Margaret has done a beautiful job on this home.  Her points are good ones to remember when thinking about having a vacant home on the market. The before and after photos show the dramatic resultsRecently our staging company was contacted by the listing agent to submit ideas to an out of state own...
I love these photos because it so clearly shows how redesign can transform a space!Home Staging is not just for sellers.  Many homeowners are choosing Redesign (home staging for people who aren't selling, but want a new look) to refresh and update their homes.  Home stagers transform and update u...
  We can see the difference...can the homeowner?  Will they follow through with the suggestions in the Detailed Staging Report we leave with them? Before leaving for the RESA conference last week, I did a Consultation for a new client in Horseheads, New York.  She wanted just the report to do th...
Home staging (or property styling as it's commonly known as on the Australian property scene) is really an art, not a science. One of the many things a professional home stager understands is that it's the house that's up for sale, not the home owner's bread baking ability or taste in music. So, ...
Thank you to this blogger who made some very good points.  Read and share with those you know.Let me be the first to admit it:  I've been known to whine and complain.  I'm not perfect and I haven't yet mastered a positive attitude.  I'm not alone...there is no shortage of people willing to piss a...

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