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Tired of the closet piled high with shoes (men or women doesn't matter) I bought several plastic shoe boxes.  Took pictures of my shoes, cut them out and taped them to the front of the box.......VOILA I can see what is in them without opening, and also know where to put them when finished. My mov...
There seems to be a lot of different views on how to charge for personal inventory.Rule of thumb I use  25% of retail price (not the bargain sales price).To simplify, I enter retail price, then to the right enter what % the rent would be. The rental rate is already figured and saves me reinventin...
I can't seem to shop without thinking "WOW - this would be great!  Charge card in hand, somehow I don't buy the blouse I was after; but you should see the cool stuff I got.  Ca-Ching. Fumbling with all my bags, I straggle behind my ever fuming husband.  He just doesn't get it that SOMEDAY I will ...
I put my creative genious to work with this extra small dining area. A regular table with 4 chairs just barely fit, and one would squeeze by to go out the patio door.  I decided on a small Bistro table and VOILA it worked.  Rather than setting the table, I invited the buyer to imagine a romantic ...
Anyone know how to make a towel swan? My attempt looked more like a chicken exploded than a swan.  They are so cool, and I would love to make one to display on a soaker tub or large bathroom vanity. Thanks,
YIKES, Here is Idaho, we aren't lucky enough to have an upper end furniture rental company. The few times I have had to rent a full house of furniture, I was embarrassed by the quality, and really had to get creative to make the furnishings seem better than they were. I have contacted furniture c...

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