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These pictures are some before and afters (after on top..)we are very proud of for lived in properties, which are always a challenge because of limited accesories. Often we can only use what the client has in their home. Sometimes we are able to bring in  props. Here we brought in a small amount ...
this dining room was our finished product at a Showsuite we did...I am very proud of my home staging team, they are fabulous! We used neutral colors and natural elements to create an overall look of elegance and comfort. The place mats were added because it was a shpwsuite, however we don't norma...
If you are new to home staging or even new to buying and selling, this Alberta market we have experienced over the last couple years may have really thrown you off. Previous to this crazy real estate market we were in normal ranges for buying and selling, with reasonable gains in equity over the ...
There are times when the homeowner will try to pass off the responsibility onto you for something that is not your job and not what you were hired for. Be respectful of yourself and them and be clear when the initial consultation is being done and write down what is to be done by who. This will h...
Are you a truly talented Home Stager? Can you stage a house using ONLY what the seller owns? Regardless of what type of items? Anyone with an eye for color and scale can stage a vacant house. Brand new rented furniture and props are easy and fun to put together. However, what if the call came tha...
Home Staging is a complex industry, we don't just bring in a few pillows and a plant and move a couch and call it "STAGED". As well, we don't decorate. Staging requires real talent, as we are not decorating, we are marketing a product for sale. So "stagers" that spend time and days and the seller...
Need new props? Maybe the ones you have are getting tired, but only because you are tired of them! They could still have lots of life left in them for someone else to use....try organizing a local area stager prop swap event. Meet at someone's house or even in a parking lot on a sunny day! It may...
Textures are great for staging, as I learned. I spent so much time buying similair types of textures because it was what I knew and frankly it was faster to just "run in and get it" when I was busy and running off my feet. However the look was becoming very cookie cutter and as I wrote in "Person...
Staging requires personality...not just being neutral and cookie cutter. We are selling a product for sale and attempting to achieve the highest price possible for our client, so the look should never be mundane. Experiment with new concepts and ideas, surf the net for ideas, read magazines and t...
Over the last 11 years I have seen the market ride out slow times and then nearly fall apart with the intense increase in multiple offers and the huge supply demand issue. We had such a lack of properties and that the prices were driven to unheard of numbers, back about 8 years ago,when I was a R...

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