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As it now stands, the federal tax credit will be extended through April 30, 2010, with a 60-day extension if a binding contract is in place prior to the deadline. First-time home buyers will continue to be eligible for a tax credit of up to $8,000, while existing homeowners will be eligible for a...
I posted a riddle on my blog the other day. I myself hadn't thought about googleling it. smart. The riddle wasWhat is greater than GOD, more powerful than the devil, poor people have it, rich people need it and if you eat it....YOU DIE. The answer is NOTHING.  
Idon't know why, but sometimes life just seems to get in the way. How is it that we tend to complicate even the simple matters. I was listening to a song the other day by Alicia Keys. There is a phrase in the song that just hits home. It goes like this, "I don't want to forget that the present is...
As a new single mother, I have been coming up with new ways to work and also care for my son at the same time. My office is very supportive of our families and my son often comes with me when school is out. Another great place is Barnes and Nobles. This is a great place where my son can read and ...
I was talking to a friend the other about a trip she had just come back from in Mexico. She said that there are so many illegal Americans and Canadians there. It's funny, people are always talking about the illegal immigrants from Mexico that are here working, some how it never comes up about the...
At some point in our lives we'll have to make a choice. The choice being:  having faith or having fear. When you choose faith, it brings you courage. When you have faith fear does not exist. I've recently became a Loss Mitigation Consultant. It's given me the opportunity to share with people how ...
 I just wanted to share a beautiful quote that I ran across the other day."Loyalty is something you give regardless of what you get back, and in giving loyalty, you're getting more loyalty: and out of loyalty flow other great qualities.This statement  should also make way to the phrase, "To thine...
I am so happy to see that buyers are getting it. It's a great time to buy real estate. Rates are low, Real Estate prices are down and there is inventory. With the foreclosure rate in  being at an all time high, it's so cool to see that buyers are thinking about it and saying, "Hey, why not a grea...
I consider myself to be pretty easy going, however, when I had a conversation with my sister last week, I was completely annoyed. Let me tell you why. I was talking to my sister and she was telling me about a meeting she had with her investment group. Someone in her group asked the Realtor, who i...
 In certain situation, when a seller reduces the price to sell their home, It can be a win win for everyone. One particular case, the seller paid $340,000.00 for their home 8 years earlier. The home was listed at $1,150,000.00. The seller had also taken out lines of credit for $242,000.00 and had...

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