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Insights and information on everything that sunny southern Utah offers from 12 challenging golf courses to world-class entertainment to fishing and camping in State and National Parks nearby, many major events, hiking and biking trails with picturesque surroundings! Year 'round outdoor activities that aim to please anyone and everyone. I'd love to be of service to you. I cover the following areas: - St. George - Hurricane - Washington City - Santa Clara - Ivins - Central - New Harmony - Pine Valley - Toquerville - Veyo - Central
Homebuyers: Ready to HoloHolo? Asking the right questions helps clients realize that the focus is on their wants and needs plus it's another way to target their goals when it comes to buying a home.  Savvy agents know what to ask before the home search begins. Serious buyers prefer facts up front...
Real Estate Niches: Light Your Own Candle Setting yourself apart from the crowd means finding ways to stand out, gaining attention for business sake. Make sure it is appropriate. For instance, if you're a Golf Course Properties Specialist, show golf course properties to golf clients, etc. Find a ...
Nerdin Gardens: A Reservoir of Wealth  Living creatures enjoy fortuitous means within the perimeters of a garden. This zucchini bloom became a catch basin for later use after a good downpour occurred.  Nourishment is a non-issue as nature provides sustenance and concerted harmony for all. Of cour...
Nerdin Gardens: Simple Scentual Pleasures  Ever smell the heady aroma of freshly crushed tomato leaves between your fingers or the fragrance of a lushly sweet cantaloupe ready to be harvested? All senses become stimulated upon entering this tranquil space.  Nothing subtle about the sensory deligh...
Falling into Southern Utahhh: Palm Trees & Poolside  Mature palm tree fronds gently swaying in the fall breeze as the infinitely line pool shimmers under blue skies. Warm temperatures invite everyone poolside for a cool dip or frosty beverage. An influx of people wishing to move into southern Uta...
❤️❤️❤️ Writing Love Letters ❤️❤️❤️ Love letters are often written to express the love between two people in a relationship but have recently made a huge showing in the real estate industry to secure a property for home buyers. My advice: Please don’t show them to sellers. The letters explain, at ...
Definition of a Real Estate Tour Guide Once spent, precious time cannot ever be regained. Then why do so many people insist on wasting it, along with their resources and energy? During my career, I have met a few who fit this description. For unknown reasons, they get in their own way, impede the...
Be Apprized of Real Estate Appraiser Requirements    Though rules and regulations differ state-to-state, the national standard set for appraiser qualifications are as follows: Must have college degree Complete prelicensing courses Acquire industry experience and Pass the appraiser exam   In many ...
Nerdin Gardens: Standing Up Bright  This single red rose stood up bright in the garden. A quick glance caused my heart to startin’.  At once your presence became well known, that familiar aroma, what was your own.  The breeze stirred up, carrying it away. Hope you again pass this way someday.  Re...
Got Fingerrhea? It's Curable. Tap...tap...tap...Some people lack self-control while on social media, and instead, wish to test the tolerance levels of others. Consistently pushing boundaries to the outer limits due to differing opinions suits no one well. There are consequences. In today's turbul...

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