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Insights and information on everything that sunny southern Utah offers from 12 challenging golf courses to world-class entertainment to fishing and camping in State and National Parks nearby, many major events, hiking and biking trails with picturesque surroundings! Year 'round outdoor activities that aim to please anyone and everyone. I'd love to be of service to you. I cover the following areas: - St. George - Hurricane - Washington City - Santa Clara - Ivins - Central - New Harmony - Pine Valley - Toquerville - Veyo - Central
What is a true American hero?  A hero: earns the name by stepping up even when in harms way.  proudly wears medals on the uniform rather than numbers.  is measured by service rather than touchdowns or home runs.   celebrates as a team for accomplishing strategically set goals.  bravely faces the ...
Recognizing American Heroes on Veterans Day  In honor of all who have proudly served in the military, Happy Veterans Day! Am grateful and respect greatly those brave heroes who step up, past and present. Those who possess the courage to defend the United States of America, despite any circumstanc...
Be bright.  Deception casts a wide arc in an effort to net all. Most see through the guise. Some blindly follow the herd, sheep dogs nipping at the heels, keeping them in line, while leading them to slaughter. Eyes wide open folks, EYES WIDE OPEN! Truth celebrates in light of, while evil revels i...
Faith Over Fear. Every Single Time. Martin Luther King blessed me with a resolute mindset. He was fearless, pushed through adversity, fought diligently, speaking up when others called for silence. As I made the way home Saturday night from the office, I stopped the car to take this picture of the...
Washington County Utah October 2020 Residential Market Snapshot       Fall has arrived in spectacular style in southern Utah! Homes are listed to sell and buyers are ready, willing and able! Hiring an experienced Realtor is at the top of the most important wants and needs list.   Inventory is dec...
(Im)posters on ActiveRain! Interesting that some Activerain profiles are not the real deal. Instead, they are spammers sending out everything under the sun except real estate driven information. Here are a few examples...Under the guise of a future real estate agent... another member came across ...
Coddling eggs is a delicate business... ...but mollycoddling has no place in the real estate industry. Some adults whose parents have pampered them to the point of self-entitlement, expect everything handed to them. They become easily offended re: differing opinions or when proved wrong, lash out...
Around Nervous Rex?   When business is in high gear, important dates can be overlooked, sending people scurrying to correct or relay pertinent information before disaster strikes! Remaining calm and being a voice of reason among panicked professionals allows time for collective thoughts and reaso...
Elevated Real Estate Standards: It's A Climb!   Wishing to be at the top of the business world? Then meet it with diligence, tenacity and honest work, rather than chasing the money. Building solid relationships will gain favorable results, potentially setting the tone for a lifetime of valuable r...
There's no Hidin' from those Bidin' ill will. Some people possess the knack to effectively conceal what lies underneath, secreting themselves for a time. Eventually, the well crafted veneer begins to crack, chipping away, revealing an unexpected truth. The bluff is eventually uncovered, exposing ...

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