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Insights and information on everything that sunny southern Utah offers from 12 challenging golf courses to world-class entertainment to fishing and camping in State and National Parks nearby, many major events, hiking and biking trails with picturesque surroundings! Year 'round outdoor activities that aim to please anyone and everyone. I'd love to be of service to you. I cover the following areas: - St. George - Hurricane - Washington City - Santa Clara - Ivins - Central - New Harmony - Pine Valley - Toquerville - Veyo - Central
Southern Utah Sweet Tee!  On Sunday mornings, we meet our friends to golf Dixie Red Hills, a quick 9-hole course built among gigantic red rock bluffs and sandstone formations of St. George. Today, like every time, we hit it off...the tee box that is!  The Dixie Red Hills Golf Course, located just...
Look what awaits in the downtown St. George, Utah area! People soaking in the sunshine while picnicking in the St. George Townsquare, the whimsical music of the Old-Fashioned Carousel filling the air, children frolicking in the red rock lazy river and splash-pad as Spring has made an appearance! ...
Nerdin Gardens: Lady in Red  A little lady dressed in red
 has landed in the flower bed.  I spotted her in the out-of-doors while going about the daily chores. She intently searches the flora for pests ridding them all despite their tiny protests.  Wanda Kubat-Nerdin in Nerdin Gardens c-2020  A p...
Prognostication abatement.  Many so-called experts claim gloom and doom and people glam onto every word when prophesying future events. Who knew the Z's iBuyer market would drop out? Not I. Then, a chief economist for Lending Tree boldly predicted a shut down of the housing market and Google fore...
Nerdin Gardens: A Chubbee Bumbler!  Be still, my bleeding hearts! Following a bumble bee, with camera in hand, to get a clear shot when fastidiously flitting from bloom to bloom, he pays no mind to outside interests. The work ethic is clearly defined.  He follows up and through, much like a seaso...
He came home in a flag-draped coffin. Every year at this time, I get weepy and teary-eyed remembering the promise my cousin made when he left for Vietnam. He said he'd be back. We all had such high hopes that he'd come home alive, we counted on it. The news of his death was devastating for our fa...
Avoid Cranial-Rectal Inversion (CRI).   Seek the truth above all. Intentionally refrain from mindless gullibility or you could possibly become a victim of CRI. Social media, television and the MSM is full of messages intended to incite by stupidity. Trust but verify has never been so important in...
Nerdin Gardens: Orange you glad?  Nerdin Gardens is in bloom as flowers, trees and bushes display their wares in full, living color. The Asiatic Lilies are no exception as they line the drive with their vibrantly, painted petals, commanding the eye of all passerby. They seem to say, "Look at me, ...
Eye on Zion. You are BeUtahful!   Seekers travel far and wide from all over the globe to glimpse the wonderment of God's creations in southern Utah. This high desert area continues to be a huge draw for those awed by nature's beauty.  The St. George area also offers year 'round outdoor activities...
Nerdin Gardens: Speaking Fluent Gardenese As we begin to see the fruits (and vegetables) of our labor of love, this past post comes to mind. I giggle like a little girl when reading it and anyone who knows me, understands the enjoyment of playing with words.  So, here it is the redux for your rea...

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