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My broker has been tutoring me on contracts. I feel you can never be too thorough or detailed on the contracts. Each item must be reviewed and checked closely. Contracts hold legally for a long time. A small error can have huge consequences. I am really working on having perfect contracts.I get i...
Way to go Leanna! I have known Leanna for many years and believe me - Leanna's blog will be very interesting. Leanna is a great woman with a wonderful life. Thanks for the blog Kathy. I am so happy to learn that Leanna is blogging with Active Rain.This afternoon my friend and fellow agent Leanna ...
I have been blogging on Active Rain for several months. Active Rain is so helpful and fun. I like to blog daily and read blogs too. The people I have met on Active Rain are giving, smart, creative, and interesting. This is a great network of agents and service people too. From across the ocean in...
Here is what you need to rent a house or apartment in Honolulu, Hawaii with Rental Solutions Oahu 1. Proof of citizenship 2. Fill out an application to have your credit run 3. References 4. Proof of funds needed for 1st month rent and deposit 5. If you qualify for Section 8 - bring paperwork
I am a property manager for Rental Solutions Oahu. Here are some ideas on how to afford a 2 bedroom apartment in Honolulu, Hawaii. 1. Do you qualify for sections 8? 2. Get a roommate 3. Get a small 2 bedroom 4. Move further out from the center of Honolulu, Hawaii   - Makaha and Wainae are much le...
This sounds like buyers in most markets. Even renters in Honolulu, Hawaii are not realistic about our market. Reality is a 1 bedroom 500 sq. ft. apartment for $1200 a month. It costs alot here to rent an apartment, but as we all know, Honolulu, Hawaii is truly paradise. Call me Andy Kress at Rent...
Today is another beautiful perfect day in Honolulu, Hawaii. I am taking a whole day off. I am going on a hike wiht my girlfriend and then to the beach for some swimming and surfing. I will take the little BBQ grill for some Hawaii teriaki chicken too. The cool breezes, the sunshine, the fragrant ...
This is a great way to save 50% on services in Honolulu, Hawaii. Go to and click on the daily special of 50% off. They will register your email and daily send you specials at 50% off. Recent offers include restaurants, spa, golf, and even photography. I used this coupon for...
I viewed a few unusual apartments for lease in Honolulu, Hawaii yesterday. One apartment had pink tile floors throughout the apartment. This was very bright and very unusual. The other apartment had 6 ft. 2 inch ceilings. It said in the ad that it was a little apartment. They failed to mention it...
There are many people out there looking for assistance with real estate- buying, selling, leasing, and investing. We need to remember to ask them to send peole they know to us. Referral business is my favorite business.We have a real nice client who has had a very hard time getting his home close...

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