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This week in blogging adventures I chose to focus mostly on the financial site, and it's been so much fun! I really enjoy writing about making money, saving money, and living well. It's just something that I think is so important to everybody in this world and if any ideas I have to share can eve...
It weirds me out that people ask me what to eat to diet. I'm still overweight myself and honestly, I'm no expert. I tell myself I'll become a trainer some day or something, but --- that's not really a priority of mine. The truth is I hate working out and I really enjoy eating tasty food that's no...
New recent blog posts: 9 Celebs Who Were Children Of Alcoholics31 Sobriety Quotes To Help You Quit Drinking Update:So, with all the craziness of running three blogs plus my Kindle business, I'm doing that thing my Libra Sun, Libra Rising self does -- change my mind all the time. I'm sure hubby th...
When I first started blogging, I'd see all the other bloggers blogging about blogging and thought that was the only way to make money blogging. That's a lot of use of the word "blogging" lol. I didn't necessarily want to go that route, but it happened because it's like a natural progression I gue...
Blogging is crazy. Or maybe it's just some bloggers. Okay, maybe just me. Either way I feel nuts, but in an excited way. I wound up breaking my multi-topic blog into THREE websites, which is oddly freeing. Since the sobriety content was driving the value of the weight loss content down, I left we...
 Increasing Ad Revenue Isn't As Straightforward As I'd HopedAs a quick update I was curious about how to increase my ad revenue, so I reached out to my ad network to see if there was anything I could do to move things in the right direction.What I heard back was shocking, and lit a fire under my ...
It's been a long time since updated ActiveRain and that's for good reason. The holidays totally kicked my butt and wiped me clean out! It was so much commotion and I stress out pretty easily if I don't get adequate space and time for solitude and focus, so I literally stopped working on both my K...
So much going on and so little time, but the ride is WILD and FUN! I completely missed updating on Active Rain last week because I was so busy, and I'm super committed to being OFF WORK at 2pm on Fridays. So... something had to give!But over the past two weeks so much progress has been made. It's...
Last week was a whirlwind of blogging activity. I went completely nuts writing, posting and creating new pins, but now that the dust has settled I can sit back, look at the big picture, and be grateful for a job well done! One thing I'm learning about myself through blogging is that I much prefer...
Phew! One thing I love about working for myself is being able to take off early on Fridays. So that's what I'm about to do now. For some reason I really enjoy posting to ActiveRain and recapping all this week's blog work. It's kind of a fun "closure" to the week, and once I hit "publish" I feel l...

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