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This blog is for informational purposes regarding California, Orange County, Los Angeles, San Diego, Riverside, San Bernardino Home Loans. It also includes information about loan modifications. None of the information on this site is provided as legal advice, and all loan modifications including California loan modifications are referred out to Attorneys. This site is a site of opinion only.
I am following Lenn's Blog and Love Her Style and Candor.  I just read this today and she is right on!Name and Shame Concept - IMHO,? . . .  Since I was asked. . . . Christine Bohn requested an opinion re her blog post, Name and Shame Concept - IMHO.  Never one to avoid commenting, I'm happy to o...
Obama Opens More Options to Struggling HomeownersDuring President Obama’s speech this last Monday, he outlined new guidelines for homeowners who are in trouble with their banks due to late mortgage payments. While the federal programs Making Home Affordable (MHA) and the Home Affordable Modificat...
    US Treasury and HAMP to Step Up Permanent Loan Modification Efforts   Under the Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP) it was expected that the foreclosure rate in the United States would level off and gradually decline as Lenders sought to modify in mortgages in danger of foreclosure in...
  Federal Government Set to Retool Loan Modification Incentives   As of November 30, 2009, the Obama Administration plans to step up the pressure on banks to modify more loans under the federal Making Home Affordable and Home Affordable Modification Program.   As it stands, banks have not been do...
This is a friendly reminder to all Agents and Prospective Homeowners, make sure your preapproval letter is up to date, within 60 days or so.  Those preapproval letters in this climate are only good for so long.  If you ask why it is because: Lending guidelines change daily Loan programs are disco...
Laguna Beach is known for its Art and Artists, besides its beautiful beaches.  Since I live here, I so often forget about some of the amazing Festivals that are going on year round here.  It seems like there is something going on every week. We now have the Winter Sawdust Art Festivalthat runs fr...
I for so long boycotted blogging or social networking!  And I asked myself why, and I guess I couldn't answer my own question, "Why Blog?"  I thought it was something kids do.  Especially when I see my 23 year old son blogging or social networking 24 x 7 and never leaving the house, except to go ...
Just received a call from my favorite Agent!!  Her client is submitting an offering and I just sent over the preapproval letter for the buyer!  Of course, I am here with my family getting the evil eye and smelling wonderful food cooking and lots of family commotion going on! Happy T Day!
Do we need another Stimulus Package?  Well, keep in mind that the financial meltdown is world wide.  Also, keep in mind that 15 to 20 financial crisis have occurred over the past 200 years.  I guess history repeats itself and we just don't learn from our mistakes. Another Stimulus Package, if too...
The AIG CEO received $3 million in Salary and $4 million in Stock!!!!  Oh, and yes, they received TARP money. Does this mean that AIG has paid all the TARP money back?  What about the slick reverse stock split that they did, for every 20 shares you received 1 share in return.  This happened month...

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