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I write about Central Oregon and Bend Oregon Real Estate. I know Bend, having lived in the city over 30 years. My blog goals are to pass on information pertinent to Bend Oregon Real Estate and the real estate profession in general.
Bend Real Estate Sales Show Growth 2016 was a year of continued real estate growth in Bend. When 2015 data is compared with 2016, the average sales price of a Bend single family home was up 12.5% with the average sold price up 9.3%.  There were 3.4% more homes sold in 2016 than in 2015 with 6.9% ...
I woke up this morning with the sound of water dripping.  Knowing that we have been expecting rain after the heaviest snowfall I have experienced living in my town in 31 years, it was a welcome sound as that much snow has greatly impacted our lives; children have been out of school for 9 days, ro...
In light of heavy snow and stories of collapsing roofs, the concerns regarding snow load have really hit home. So what is snow load and what can a homeowner do about it? According to AccuWeather, a cubic foot of dry snow weights about 6 to 8 pounds, while one cubic foot of packed snow could weigh...
Homes in Winter -This winter has seen more snow fall in Central Oregon than we have had for several years. Although beautiful, it can also be hazardous for driving and can create problems for Bend real estate. Among the most noticeable issue we have observed is a great number of icicles hanging f...
Ever wonder about where the richest people in the world live? Many would be surprised that billionaire Warren Buffett still lives in the Dundee-Happy Hallow Historic District of Omaha, Nebraska where he grew up in the same home he purchased in 1958 for a mere $31,500. Surprised? I know we were.  ...
My husband and I have been self employed for 31 years. I have been self-employed longer than I have been employed by someone else and fully understand the issues connected with self-employment. However, when we first started in the entrepreneurial track, several eye opening experiences happened w...
Today one of the agents in my brokerage forwarded some helpful hints based on her personal experiences this week showing property to active buyers during snowy, winter conditions. Make sure the sidewalk, entry and driveway are shoveled. We have had snow in town for the past week, but of all the h...
There are many ways to look at real estate trends in Bend, Oregon. Among the most in interesting is to compare sales over the last twelve months with those of the previous year. While the actual numbers of properties sold are up just slightly at 3%, the value of the property is up significantly a...
When you drive around a community, have you noticed there are a lot of red front doors? Although for these homeowners the reasons might be aesthetic, around the world red doors actually have a lot of meaning. The Chinese, for example, believe red is a lucky color and would paint their doors red b...
Residential home sales remain solid in Bend. Data from November, 2016, reflect a strong real estate market moving into winter. The average price per square foot for sold Bend homes is almost 11% higher than November, 2015.  Although there is a seasonal slow down and less inventory than during Oct...

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