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I write about Central Oregon and Bend Oregon Real Estate. I know Bend, having lived in the city over 30 years. My blog goals are to pass on information pertinent to Bend Oregon Real Estate and the real estate profession in general.
Bend Premier Real Estate has decided to move forward into 2017 with a television advertising campaign featuring a lifestyle ad. The campaign is "Life's Greatest Moments Begin at Home." We are excited to see what kind of response we get from the ad, but the initial feedback has been positive. Let ...
Did you know that brass doorknobs actually disinfect themselves?  It's called the "Oligodynamic Effect," and according to Wikipedia, "Brass doorknobs disinfect themselves in about 8 hours, while stainless steel and aluminum knobs never do."  Other metals including brass, copper, silver, and iron ...
One of the hot selling items on is the St. Joseph Home Seller Statue Kit.  According to tradition that sellers say goes back thousands of years, burying the statue in the yard of your home and saying a prayer to St. Joseph will always bring a quick offer on your home for sale.  But it ...
Located roughly a 1/2 hour drive west of Bend, Oregon is the historic McKenzie Pass (Hwy 242). Closed in winter, this narrow road traverses some of Oregon's most beautiful wilderness areas and has stunning views of many of the Oregon Cascade mountains. This photo was taken at a short hike off the...
How can a person be thankful for being fired? In my case, it was November 15, 2010, during the height of the recession shortly after the brokerage I was working for had a change in ownership. Our 2nd child had graduated from college earlier that year and our youngest had just started. My husband,...
This photo was taken showing a single drop of water dripping into a bowl my husband and I were given for our wedding.  I think it is quite colorful and  is my entry for Dick Greenberg's Miscellaneous Real Life photography contest.
Located about an hour's drive SE of Bend, Oregon is the quasi-ghost town of Fort Rock. Founded as part of Lincoln's Homestead Act, the community consists mostly of large farms which wouldn't exist without water. There are a number of historic buildings which are fascinating to view.I wrote a blog...
I have to admit that I am one of the minority - a self-employed person who has been that way for 31 years. During that time, my husband and I have purchased health insurance for ourselves and our children based on the cost and the expected use. We determined that because we were all healthy, all ...
Are you ready for winter? There is a nip in the air, the days are getting shorter, and if you are like me, there are probably more leaves in your yard than on your trees. Winter is coming! If you live in a climate where there is significant rain and snow, there are things you should do now to get...
At the recent Oregon Association of Realtors convention held the end of September, 2016, a well -attended session was devoted to appraisals and working with appraisers. There is a nationwide shortage of appraisers, but the situation is extreme in Oregon, Washington and Colorado. Nationally, there...

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