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An occasionally daily, semi weekly rant, rave and general ramblings about what the mortgage industry is doing, may do and could be doing.
I have always been and will always be an eternal optimist.  Even when things are bad I know that it is just a cycle and it come back strong again.  I bought my first house in 1980 when the housing market was depressed by 17% interest rates.  I bought again in 1989 when rates were around 11% then ...
The last couple of months have been very interesting.  With one company filing for protection because it can't even meet its payroll obligations and another company deciding to pull it's retail lending operations I find myself in a position scrambiling to serve the clients who have entrusted a pa...
In trying to write about some of the frustrations of the real estate and mortgage industry my mind kept wondering back to the old saying. "A picture is worth a thousand words."  Well then this video is worth several million words.It explains the frustrations of so many things that I just had to p...
Video is exploding all around us.  I have found it to be extremely useful in getting the point across.  Sometimes we all do dumb things.  Remember to follow the rules and you will be ok.Visit this video.  It explains very clearly why you should Look Before You Leap!
Any one else here recognize this picture.  It is from the TV Show Branded which starred Chuck Connors.  The tag line for the show was "Branded, What do you do when your branded, and you know your a man!"Well I am asking that question of all you long time real estate agents.  I just spent several ...
What tasks do you avoid doing each day?  Why do you avoid them?  What would happen if you got them done first?Let's take a look at each of these questions and really understand what drives our feelings and motivations during our waking hours.  Do you dread making client calls each day?  If so why...
As the new year approaches, I hope that everyone is reviewing their year and getting ready for the new one.  I was reading a book written in 1936 the other day.  And in that book the author was giving his ideas on how people could make money.  Many of the ideas had been developed during the depre...
As the overall quality of public entertainment and advertising slowly erodes, I sit and wonder where we will be at the end of 2007.  Political analysts are already talking and writing books about how dirty tricks, personal attacks and vicious misrepresentations of the truth will abound in our nex...
This is a blog just for Heather.  She is the most creative...spunky amazing teenage girl ever. She melts my heart with her goofy faces. She's going to laugh uncontrollably when she sees this. We spend the days she has off school together. Well I sit here and type things like this to you guys whil...
Are we looking at the right things on this deal? Any of you who watch the Fox Show "House" know that his attitude is rude and his manner unacceptable for dealing with patients (clients) and coworkers.  But the patients and coworkers keep coming back because he can fix the problem. (do the deal) I...

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An occasionally daily, semi weekly rant, rave and general ramblings about what the mortgage industry is doing, may do and could be doing.