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I pose a question. We all know whats going on with the federal government and Fannie and Freddie. It is a great thing that the senate passed the bill today regarding the bailout of hundreds of thousands of homeowners facing foreclosure. Now we are just waiting on bush to sign the bill. My questio...
Today is here and yesterday is gone. We say goodbye to so many things that we sometime find hard to let go. Whether it be the passing of a loved one, or an argument you had with a close friend. See these things that stay with us sometime let us reflect on the good times we have made to past somet...
Hello all. I have been away for awhile and now I am back. I have had some ups and downs in this industry, however I am still fighting the fight. With all the things happening in our industry I still try and perservere and walk tall. I am with a new company now and things are so far so good. So I ...
I am a freelance photographer in the metro Atlanta area and I just wanted to advertise a special that I have going on for High School Seniors as well as families. I am offering a professional photo-shoot, which will include.2-3 different looksLocation of choice3 retouched 8X10 photosAlso you will...
I am here to provide a great customer relationship as well as impecable customer service. I strive to go above and beyond my clients needs. I seek to develop relationships with all my clients, so they feel comfortable in the expierence that they recieve from me and my team. You will always get 11...
So I was reading the entertainment weekly and saw that Deniro and Pachino as well as 50 cent are coming out with a movie called Righteous Kill this summer. I must say I am very excited to see this movie come out. Since there diner scene in Heat some years ago, which to me has to be one of the mos...
Here is another Hollywood movie based off a comic book that I have a problem with. Growing up I was and still am a comic book superhero fan. I use to watch and read tons of comic books especially Marvel Comics. One of my favorite superheros of my day, and I am only 36 was Iron Man. Now it seems t...
What are you thankful for? Well I can tell you what I am thankful for. I am thankful for every opportunity to wake up every morning and thank the lord above for yet another wonderful day. I sit back sometimes and just think of how thankful we really are, and how many of us take things for granted...
Something so small, yet can be so powerful. As we face these tough times inĀ our industry, some of us just give up. Well given up sometimes is not the answer. For me being a high-school and college athlete, there has been many occasions where I just wanted to give up because things got rough. Rath...
LIGHT, CAMERAS, ACTION.These 3 words have been uttered for decades by some of the most prominent talents in Hollywood. As of late though Hollywood has lost its luster. It has lost its creative gene. I just went to the movies this past weekend and saw Mad Money with Queen Latifah, Dian Keeton and ...

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