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In every market, buyers will offer objections at some point during the appointment. Even in a seller’s market, the fear of making the wrong decision, spending too much money and just moving forward can be intimidating for some buyers.   As a professional real estate agent, it’s important to reali...
Millions of dollars are spent each year by real estate agents to attract leads. Known as “pull marketing” the main goal is to create a situation where the prospect calls you directly. Website SEO techniques and blogging, as well as more traditional advertising such as real estate magazines and ne...
 Real estate buyer calls are like gold to agents. Getting a real prospect on the phone is the goal of every successful real estate agent. One way to accomplish this is floor time in the office, but there are other methods as well. Real estate agents spend a great deal of time and money with marke...
Everyone here on Active Rain knows that young children love to ask “why?” Why is the sky blue? Why do I have to eat my vegetables? Why can’t I wear my flip flops to church? Why? Why? Why? Once we grow up, often we stop asking ourselves “why” yet this can be one of the most powerful methods for su...
 Ever since the famous scene in Glengarry Glen Ross where Blake, played by Alec Baldwin, defined the ABCs of Selling…. as “Always Be Closing”, that phrase has haunted sales professionals everywhere. Closing is scary, regardless of how you dress up the words. The idea of the hard sell, or forceful...
Jessica Edgerton warns Active Rain real estate agents that they could be at risk to cyber criminals.“Think before you click.” —NAR Associate Counsel Jessica Edgerton US real estate companies have become perfect targets for cyber-criminals, warns NAR Associate General Counsel Jessica Edgerton. Don...

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