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2023 are Five (5) Pillars that lead to an excellent life. A life grounded and focused and peaceful….I have been focusing on these five (5) things for a couple of years now and they have dramatically changed my life. I have not perfected any, but I am much further along tha...
05/31/2023     They Needed $3.9 Million to Create an “App”-We Got it For Them! AND ON AN SBA LOAN TO BOOT!!!! That’s right, we just closed a $3.9 Million loan ALL WORKING CAPITAL, NO ACTUAL ASSETS for a group of guys that had created an algorithm in their insurance business that dra...
Come to the Williamson County and Northeast Travis County  Commercial Property Exchange Networking Event!   Meeting every 1st Thursday of the Month    Williamson County Association of Realtors  123 E.Old Settlers Blvd. Round Rock TX 78664    Meeting begins at 8:30 am and ends @ 10:00 am   Text L...
  Realtors, are you looking for ways to boost your Biz? Attention all Realtors! Are you looking for ways to boost your business? Karen Schimpf is here to help!     Here's what's comin' up:   On the next Agent Animals, are you looking to maximize your sales and skyrocket your conversions? We'll be...
The Factors Influencing Commercial Rates?Click the link below to watch a brief video. Give Karen a call to discuss your Commercial Financing needs at 512-358-1511 or if you wish to receive our newsletter, please follow this link:
05/23/2023 What's Closing Now - Bridge Loans!   Borrower owned a daycare in Las Vegas, NV.   She was an excellent operator with 700 a credit score.   She wanted to buy another daycare that she knew was being poorly run.   She was able to get the daycare for essentially free, just pa...
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Mother’s Day has come and gone. I hope all Mothers enjoyed it. I don’t know if it is just getting older or what but I find myself tearing up a little when I see pictures of my kids as they were younger. They are mostly grown now, becoming people of their own.As parents, we rejoice in the growth, ...
At Commercial Capital, SBA is quickly becoming the largest part of our pipeline, which is crazy because we have our own private money. But those deals are not as common as businesses expanding and growing. At least right now. Below are just some of our strengths in the SBA space……Loans with no co...
 Click the link below to watch a short video on Factors Influencing Commercial Rates. Give Karen a call to discuss your Commercial Financing needs at 512-358-1511 or if you wish to receive our newsletter, please follow this link:

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