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2019 The Multifamily Loan Options for a Cash Flowing Apartments  Multifamily loan options depend on several factors like the number of units, the loan amount size, occupancy rate, if the seller can provide P&L’s or tax returns, your experience, population, value per door etc. ...
01/28/2019 The recent stock market volatility has driven down the long term SWAP rates which most commercial loans are tied to (except SBA 7A loans which are tied to prime). 5 year fixed loans with longer 25-year amortizations can now be done for under 5%!!!!!!!!!!!!!! On conventio...
01/22/2019 Government Shutdown Stops SBA Funding (But we can help!)I was in school when I read a book called, “The Art of the Deal” by Donald Trump. I believe that is the first place I read that the person who wins a negotiation is the person willing to walk away. So if you ask me...
Do you Want to get up to $10,000 back on your SBA Business Loan?       Appraisals FeasibilityStudies  Valuations EnvironmentalReports OFFER Ending SOON! Do you Want to get up to $10,000 back on your SBA business loan? By popular demand, we are extending our offer of up to $10,000 back on prepaid ...

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