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I have gained extensive experience in the local real estate market in Charlotte, NC. One of the issues I have observed is that some properties fail to sell even in this dynamic environment. Many homes in Charlotte struggle to draw buyers despite the city’s growth. In this article, I will show you...
Many homeowners in Charlotte, NC, find themselves in financial hardship. Circumstances change rapidly and sometimes without warning. These may include a job loss, illness or divorce. However, don’t despair if you have difficulty paying your mortgage. There are options available to avoid foreclosu...
Many clients I’ve worked with wanted to keep their current home while buying a new one. It’s a great way to maximize your assets and invest in your future, but it can also be complex. In this article, I’ll guide you through the steps to ensure a successful purchase of A Second Home in Charlotte, ...
Rent control is a pressing issue as Charlotte’s cost of living skyrockets. I aim to shed some light on the present rent control regulations in Charlotte, NC. Find out whether rent control exists in our growing city and what that means for you.How Much Can Landlord Raise Rent in Charlotte, NC?Land...
You might be considering renting out your home in Charlotte, NC, to generate extra income. It’s a great way to take advantage of the booming real estate market in the area. However, Charlotte has its regulations and requirements for homeowners renting their houses. Understanding these can save yo...

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This blog covers everything from Charlotte NC real estate market reports to tips for buying and selling, how to be the best agent, workshops outreaches, and our achievement's and success stories. This blog is local to Charlotte NC real estate but will have great advice for any agent and homeowner nationwide. Thanks for reading!